Tuesday , September 29 2020
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Vika from "NeAngelov" spoke about the incident with a drunken fan


Ukrainian singer Vika Smeyukha spoke of her negative and inadequate attitude during performances and rest.

A member of the popular group "NeAngely" recalled a case of disagreeable communication with the fans, reports Chronicle.info with reference to facenews.ua.

"I will not say that I wanted to approach myself directly, but there were people in a drunken state. For example, I remember a case in Egypt when a girl just happened and said:" Oooh, I've always dreamed of doing a Photo with you, "he leaned me directly. Of course, this is unpleasant," said the soloist of the group "Ne Angels."

According to the singer, she herself fulfills a healthy lifestyle, so you will not see Vika in this state.

"A man must respect himself. So I ask all fans not to drink, because the purchase is always confusing. Believe me: the artist will not love you if you support him, "said the singer behind the scenes of the program" The day of the people's day in Ukraine. "In an interview with the Ukrainian channel.


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