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Vladimir Zelensky and Petro Poroshenko after the announcement of the exit polls


Today was the first round of presidential elections in Ukraine. At 20 hours the results of the exit polls were announced.

According to his data, 30% of Ukrainians voted for Vladimir Zelensky, if they rounded, Petro Poroshenko, who is the second, 18%.

The candidates spoke at their headquarters, commenting on exit polls, which resulted in a mini-battle.

Regarding exit polls

Petro Poroshenko I went to colleagues and journalists without a tie. He did not hide his joy, smiled and laughed constantly.

At first, the acting president often "podkavu" by the votes of his voters. He noted that the "Moscow plan" was broken by the results of the vote in the first round, as it was his "Kremlin who did not want to see in the second round."

"The Kremlin will have to work with Poroshenko again! They will not reach anywhere, but it's important: I do not feel euphoric. I critically believe the signals that the Ukrainians give. [первое место Зеленского] signal to our team to work with errors. Before the second round and then I'm ready for a dialogue with which I can not convince myself before the first round. Now I want to become the younger generation separately (it is believed that they are young people – Zelensky's nuclear electorate – Ed.): I understand the reasons for your dissatisfaction. I heard you But I feel: do everything for you, "he said.

Vladimir Zelensky, commenting on the results of the exit polls, I decided in Poroshenko: "There are many outbound polls: there is only one president," he said. Therefore, reformulating the well-known announcement of Poroshenko "There are many candidates: there is a president".

"Kolomoisky puppet" against "Swinarchuk puppet"

General performance Wounded It can be described as "Ostap has suffered."

"Russia will be represented not by Maxim Galkin or by Yevgeny Petrosyan, but by Putin," said Petro Poroshenko. In other words, Zelensky, in his understanding, is just a joker, and is a serious authoritarian politician. But the example of the president's current electorate was not successful, as it was put on the same level as the "evil world", the Russian president, and in fact he even complied.

Then Petro Poroshenko said: "Fate ordered him to meet me on the second round, and I'm not ashamed to say that, with Kolomoisky's puppet. We will not give Kolomoisky any chance."

Vladimir ZelenskySpeaking to reporters, he responded: "We have just seen the press conference of our guarantee, he said once again that I am a Kolomoisky puppet. I only have one question, I think he will see it as well: you are a puppet of Svinarchuk or Svinarchuk your puppet "If it can be transmitted to our endorsement".

About the debate before the second round

There is the possibility that this battle of correspondence will become a reality.

"The key element of the second round should be the debate of the elections. And if someone evades them, they will know that they have nothing to say," said Petro Poroshenko.

Zelensky reacted as follows: "I am ready. I am an open person, I am ready for any interview. I have very little time in my life."

In addition, the presidential candidate, who has the Aleksandrovich pattern, Ukrainian TV presenters advised the attendees to remember, addressing their voters: "Boys, hello! … Today we are together. And each of you is doing a great work for our country to grow. I am very grateful to all of you. "I think we have such an amazing army of people amazing, unique, impressive, creative, warm and happy. We still have a lot of work ahead of time. "

Zelensky also promised that at least five people from his team would present before the second round.

Now actively carried out the count of votes. For the results of the first round, follow here. The second round will take place in three weeks, on April 21.

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