Monday , August 8 2022

What the car sounds like indicates an imminent breakdown: a list of faults


Fault diagnosis does not always require special devices. Some breakdowns have their own characteristic sound and they listen carefully enough to figure out what to run for in the car service.

Diagnosing the sound of various parts of the car is both a simple and a difficult task. If you know your car well and know all the sounds, it will be very easy for you to identify the problem. Any foreign or new sound from the car you will hear immediately.

What breakdowns can give different sounds:



Landing gear



Shock absorbers

Exhaust system

What sounds should alert

  • A whistle immediately after starting the engine and abruptly pressing the throttle indicates wear of the alternator belt. It needs to be tightened or replaced with a new one.
  • The timing belt breaks are accompanied by a loud metallic sound. Stop the car immediately.
  • A rumble at idle speed indicates a malfunction of the pump; it needs to be replaced.
  • If you hear a buzz from the idle gearbox, the shaft or gear bearing is exhausted.
  • When you press the clutch pedal and the sound disappears, a noise or grinding occurs; if you release it, the release pad probably won’t work.
  • Uneven rubber wear on the tires indicates that the chamber needs to be checked.
  • Screams when driving over potholes or uneven roads indicate worn ball joints.
  • When you turn the steering wheel, the clicks are clearly audible: the CV joints are defective.
  • Buzzing when speed increases: Semi-axle bearings are defective.
  • Rumble from under the wheels when driving – wheel bearing wear.
  • Noise when turning the steering wheel on uneven roads means wear and tear on the straps.
  • The whistle of the new brake pads, which lasts more than a week, speaks of their marriage.
  • If the old pads creak, it’s time to change them and check the brake discs.
  • The noise that shock absorbers touch and squeak on uneven roads indicates wear and tear or oil leaks.
  • If the car starts to growl like a race car, there is a problem with the exhaust pipe.
  • If the exhaust pipe starts to “fire,” the muffler needs to be replaced urgently.

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