Monday , May 16 2022

With the verification of subsidies in Ukraine, the Ministry of Finance decided to help Naftogaz


Today 11:20


The company offered assistance to the Ministry of Finance, which confirms the recipients of state aid.

Subsidies Control:

Naftogaz of Ukraine can help the Ministry of Finance to confirm the base of consumers and recipients of subsidies. This was stated by the chairman of the NAKA committee Andrei Kobolev, the company's press service on Twitter.

Kobolev emphasized that among the recipients of subsidies there are "dead souls". The Chief of the Naftogaz proposes to add them to a single database, whose access will be available to all interested government agencies.

"We see them, we found them and demonstrated to the law enforcement authorities. Unfortunately, there is still no process that will destroy this base and open it" – quotes Kobolev press service "Naftogaz".


He noted that it is necessary to launch a reform in this area monetization of subsidies, which should start from 2019.

"In order to complete the reform, it is necessary to monetize subsidies – this is an opportunity to give real money to consumers" – stressed Kobolev.

As it is known The Ministry of Finance performs a large verification of the legality of receiving subsidies.. Checking the recipient of subsidies helps identify those who really need help from the state, officials say. As said The head of the Ministry of Social Policy Andrei Rev, thousands of violations have already been revealed.

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