Sunday , February 28 2021

Wrecks of the plane were found, which flared the player "Cardiff" Room

The French authorities said that not far from the Surayville beach on the Cotentin peninsula, a part of the seat and airplane cushion was found to be the newcomer of the English Premier League club, Cardiff City , Emiliano Sala, informs the BBC.

Previously in the same area, another cushion was found, said the publication.

After that, detailed estimates of the flight route were performed, based on the last known location of the radar, as a result of which the search zone was determined.

"We have now identified the priority area of ​​the underwater search size of approximately 4 nautical miles square … to try to find and identify possible aircraft remnants. Searches will begin at the end of # This weekend due to weather conditions and will take up to three days, "- quotes the Air Force Investigation Branch (Research on Air Force Investigation Branch) message.


The search will use sound equipment to detect any trash in the seabed.

We recall that on the night of January 22 on the British channel a private plane aboard was crashed, which was the most expensive player in the history of Cardiff Emiliano Sal, two days before he bought 15 million pounds of French Nantes.

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