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& # 39; Pokemon: Let's Go & # 39; it mixes nicely with the new one


Pokemon: Let's Go is not the main game in a popular franchise, but it seems a strong case that his tweaked formula should be in Game Freak and Nintendo's future plans. Allow & # 39;s Go It's also a wonderful reimagining Pokemon Iellov and the bridge from Pokemon Go to the basic series. He takes us back to the Kanto region, a place of endless joy, unpleasant trainers and the first 151 pocket monsters. At the same time, it feels like a new beginning for a franchise that should never have developed.

Allow & # 39;s Go it has a more accessible approach than the basic RPGs before it. Eliminating random battles and converting capture sequences into more shunted capture PokeMon Go, Allow & # 39;s Go speeds up the speed while giving players more control over how they want to get to their Champion Pokemon.

After I've successfully passed through the Elite Four and won my rival once for all, I can safely say that Pokemon got more than his lost Allow & # 39;s Go.

You can see them all

By far the biggest difference between Allow & # 39;s Go and the main games come with a capture system. Instead of strolling around in a high-altitude and surprising them every step in step with another skinny Rattat, all Pokemon walk over the world. You physically watch how they walk through the grass, wander through the caves and fly over the field. They still appear in all the usual places, but you can choose your matches by simply running into them.

When you start a contact, the catch sequence begins. Apart from a few special scenarios like Snorlack and legendary birds, do not fight the wild Pokemon. Similar to go, simply lobby Pokeballe in their direction until you get it. There's more to it than that go, yet. Each capture sequence requires you to set up a network through Pokemon and wait for the ring to close in order to launch Pokeball. The smaller the ring is when Pokeball opens, the better the opportunity you will have to catch.

Sometimes you will have to throw berries on Pokemon to calm them first and you have to decide on the basis of the color of the ring Pokeball to throw to increase your chances of success. If you take too long to try to catch, which can easily happen when faced with flying creatures or those who want to quit, Pokemon can escape.

Removing random battles may be controversial among fans, but this is a comprehensive improvement.

Sometimes the capture sequence is then too coincidental, since Pokemon can occasionally be caught by regular Pokeball and an average throw, even when the darkness is red or orange (you want to shoot yellow). At other times, you can throw Ultra balls into a relatively weak Pokemon without any benefit. These inconsistencies do not hurt mechanics much, although the unpredictability of this is somewhat confusing.

Just because the combat part of the capture has disappeared, it does not mean that there is no depth here. Earn your experience by capturing Pokemon. How much experience do you have in relation to several factors. For example, the "great" city grip makes you a lot more experience than "nice" catch. If you catch special small or huge versions of Pokemon, appearing on a shining aura map around them, make more money. Catch a multiple of the same type in a row and earn a combined multiplier that can greatly increase your experience while at the same time increasing the likelihood that Pokemon of this kind will see better statistics next time. All this gives a simple capture system just the right amount of depth.

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It's really amazing how well this new system works within the standard Pokemon RPG. Not only is it fun and surprising to see the Psiduck board through long grass on the head, but the new catch system is decisively modern and refreshing. Removing random battles can be controversial among fans, but that's, I think, a comprehensive improvement on the loop of the game.

If you do not have to deal with countless irrelevant and unpleasant battles against low opponents, you can focus on what you want to do. Pokemon's network is still random, so you still get excited to see a rare pokemon like Abra floats over weeds, and you do not need to jump through dozens of Veedlough.

It's still exciting to see a rare Pokemon like Abra floats over weeds, and you should not jump through dozens of Veedlough.

Smart, you no longer have to visit the computer at Pokemon Center to send your new friends to Professor Oak. Instead, you can access the storage box directly in the menu, where you can deliver an unnecessary pokemon professor in exchange for candy to help the level statistics.

Allow & # 39;s GoThe edited pokemon capture system is unlikely to be featured in future basic games, although this has made the believer this new way to play one of the greatest RPG franchises of all time.

For what's worth, I mostly played in manual mode, because I preferred to use traditional controls when setting up pokeball throws. In the connected mode, movement controls are required. Nothing is wrong with movement controls, but you have to turn your hand a lot, making it a less relaxing experience.

We're going to battle

One of the reasons why the new capture system feels like a well-implemented feature is because Allow & # 39;s Go there are still many traditional battles. You will still go to trainers when traveling through Kanto, all those who want to fight you. Essential sequences reflect what you expected in a traditional pokemon based game of revolution.

While many coaches in the game are located in the same place they were Yellow, there are more trainers than you remember. A few new types of trainers – Ace and Coach – add some extra taste to the mix. Defeating these trainers provides you more rewards than an average fight and offers a more challenging challenge.

Work to get to the Victory Road and win Elite Four demands a balance between fighting and capture. Now that the two systems are separate, coaches seem to be staying fresher than before. Two divergent systems combine well together to create the constant engagement of Pokemon's experience that pushes the window out of the window.

Allow & # 39;s Go is, according to design, simpler than previous pokemon games. This includes battles. It's rare to fight against any opponent, even members of the Elite Four. Allow & # 39;s Go they are really getting into the fight for hand-paper scissors, which means that focusing on strengths and weaknesses can lead to some truly unusual battles. If you achieve a "super-effective" move, you will probably exclude at least half and routine everything from the opponent's bar to health. Even when you fight Elite Four, you will probably kill at least a few opposed Pokemon if you use elemental forces / weaknesses to your advantage. Of course, this same logic applies to your opponent, so you can easily kill only one shot.

Work to get to Victory on the go and win Elite Four requires a great balance between fighting and capture.

The lack of difficulty is further enhanced by the strength of the Pokemon starter. These are not your normal Pikachu or Eevee. Pikachu can learn a watery type and a really cool flying assault. In the meantime, starter Eevee, who can not develop into any of his fist shape, can learn a special move in each of his normal evolutions (essentially every element in the game). This makes an initial Pokemon that often feels a bit more powerful than almost any other Pokemon you are in the game.

Allow & # 39;s Go he would probably be a little more exciting if he had a bigger challenge, but he was designed to be a corrupt gift through pokemon's origins. Still, I want to Allow & # 39;s Go at least it shook the difficulty in the gym. Thanks to new, often detailed, animated moves, battles always look cool, although they are largely easy to win. As it says, the main adventure is mostly breeze. Soothing wind, but no doubt the wind.

What? Kanto is developing

Kanto has a special place in many Pokemon fans for a good reason. In addition to having the fans in the first region having the opportunity to visit, remains one of the most popular and exciting trek in the history of Pokemon. Its forest design maintains a relaxing and complimentary aesthetics that is only enhanced in moving the game into colorful 3D visual displays. Allow & # 39;s Go has the same perspective as the latest 3DS inputs, but looks much better on the Svitch hardware.

Kanto is set almost exactly the way you remember Pokemon Iellov, all the way to the switch and portal in the gym and towers. Some smart improvements, however, better travel to the region. Allow & # 39;s Go HM drops, replacing them with Secret Technikues. Instead of needing a flying Pokemon at your party to fly from city to city, your starter will learn the technique and be enchanted by the air balloon to your destination. In addition, the bike was replaced by a Pokemon ride, such as Rapidash, which is one of the nicest small supplements found in Allow & # 39;s Go. With a falling decline in support for cooperation, you can fight through Kanto together with a friend. Although your partner mostly serves as an assistant, he feels like a perfect way to meet young people with Pokemon magic.

Although Kanto feels very well known, Allow & # 39;s Go it succeeds to revive the region with a bunch of small, attractive supplements. Depending on which version you choose, Pikachu drives on your shoulder and Eevee sits on top of the hat. You can also assign Pokemon to go behind you to find berries. So, Eve, of course, sat on my hat, while Pikachu turned behind me.

New creators give characters such as a new person's gym trainer. And I do not dare to smile at anybody and all the shots that focus on the connection between you and your guard Pokemon.

Pokemon: Let's go Compared to

Although I'm already a Pokemon League Champion, the end of the game Allow & # 39;s Go has much to offer. In addition to hunting Mevtvo and legendary birds, there is a new series of difficult challenges to win against trainer Master Trainer specialists that you must fight without using any objects. Kanto also has several more endgame treatments that provide some new actions while filling your Pokedek. It is important to note that the endgame challenges are much more difficult than the main adventure, which enthusiasts should give reason to continue playing after the loans are returned.

Speaking of your Pokedek, one of the main new areas in Kant is Go Park, a Pokemon Playground of various types in which you can play minigames and transfer Pokemon from go to the Allow & # 39;s Go (but only the first generation Pokemon). In the end you will be able to transfer the Pokemon from Let's Go to the next main game.

Playing in Kant's status, the dialogue includes numerous references to previous adventures in the region. Long Pokemon fans enjoy these shapes, as well as the addition of Alolan trainers in the world. Let's go awesome to admit Pokemon's history on a number of occasions, making him a charming ode to the series.

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Our Take

Pokemon:s Go Simplified is the renaming of Pokemon Iell, which feels fresh and exciting. Although some difficulties are lost without random battles, the balance between capturing Pokemon and martial arts trainers keeps the experience as a whole. His return to Kanto's brighter, detailed view is a constant joy despite the fact that the game feels a bit too easy.

Is there a better alternative?

If you want a traditional Pokemon experience, 3DS games like Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon will suit you better. At Svitch, however, Let's Go is the only big pokemon game and one of the best RPGs on the platform so far.

How long will it take?

It took us 25 hours to get eight gymnasiums and win the Elite Four. Filling in your Pokedek and beating up all the ultimate challenges can easily double or triple that runtime.

Do you buy it?

Yes, let's call on long-standing fans and journalists.

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