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A self-supporting five-seat air taxi was announced


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Lilium team in front of the new self-propelled taxi

A new German company has revealed what it says to be the first autonomous taxi of five places in the world.

Lilium said the prototype had its first test flight earlier this month, when it took off, it circled and landed again.

He said that the boat, which is electric, is capable of traveling up to 300 kilometers in just 60 minutes.

Other companies have tried self-propelled taxis, but none have more than two people.

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The boat has 36 electric motors

Daniel Wiegand, co-founder and CEO of Lilium, said: "Changing from two to five seats has always been our ambition, as it allows us to open many more passengers to the sky."

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The taxi is powered by 36 electric motors that allow it to take off and land vertically.

Lilium said he was able to fly for an hour with only one charge.

Now more tests will be done, the next objective is to move it from vertical to horizontal flight.

Lilium says he expects to enter mass production in mid-2020.

The Airbus company, which has the Uber sales company and a number of new companies, has been testing self-propelled taxis.

Proponents say that vehicles could improve urban mobility and reduce pollution.

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