Wednesday , September 28 2022

Amazon cut the price of the eco again, but there is an even greater deal that can be taken


Amazon Echo Dot is one of the most affordable ways to introduce a smart speaker to your home.

This low cost device offers the possibility to play music, discover the latest news and even turn on the heating using simple voice commands.

The Echo Dot was updated last year with improved design and a much higher sound with this update that seems to have been very popular.

Amazon has been out of existence for the whole of December and delays continue with a recent update to the website that shows that this device will not be available until March.

Despite the stock shortage, the Dot can be ordered through Amazon with the online retail giant that currently lowers the price to only £ 29.99, a 20 pound cost savings of the usual cost .

This is a good business, but if you want one before March, there is an even better offer available right now. currently has a limited stock of the Black model with the online retailer that also reduces the price to only £ 29.99.


According to the latest updates to your website, is declaring a day delivery for this speaker, which means that it will get much faster than asking Amazon.

Along with Very stocking the Dot, Argos also has some availability with the White and Black models ready to pick up at the store, although they are sold at an original price of £ 49.99 and not with the £ 20 discount.


The popular retailer says that his inventory Dot is limited and it is not clear how long it will be available for that speaker.

It is worth noting that Argos is also currently selling the original Echo Dot on its website with prices starting at £ 34.99.

Although stock of the Echo Dot is still scarce, there is another option if you're desperate to join the revolution of the smart loudspeaker.

Google Home Mini is sold at a discount of £ 29.99.

This device offers all the smart features that are in the Dot with the ability to search the web, control your home and play music through a simple "Ok Google command "

John Lewis and Currys have a Google Home Mini store available right now with all the colors also ready to buy.

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