Sunday , October 2 2022

Anthony Joshua Will Get "Drawing" – Dillian Wins Goal Champion In Heavyweight Boking | Sport


You got suoio with Joshua 2015, after a vitriolic upgrade to a grueling match.

Wickets won Joshua in amateur rankings, but became a dwarf over his rival at the London 2012 Olympics.

Despite becoming the first professional fighter who rolled AJ, Vhite's style of gung-ho cost him because three years ago he suffered a brutal match against the seventh round.

Since then, Wahita (24-1) has become unbeaten, defeating former world champions in heavyweight category Lucas Brovna and Joseph Parker.

The other head at the time was Chisora, who won the Witches with the decision on the division of Anthony Joshua in 2016.

As was his duel with Joshua, Wyte suffered from warming from Chisora, while another drew a table during a pre-press press conference.

The pair watched after a twelve-year-old barnstormer, however, seemingly showing little respect among them.

But things are frozen once again, because the British racketeers are preparing for December 22 in The Arena.

The whites have one eye outside their 34-year-old opponent, and are determined to provide three belts that Joshua renews around their waist.

Joshua is currently enjoying a time away from a fight, a break in Jamaica ahead of his next attack at the Vembley Stadium on April 13, for which the opponent has not yet been announced.

Speaking of his opponent, Wyte told Ski Sport: "He lives his life, but I'm training here.

"I did not mind what he was doing. He can do what he wants.

"Do what all the great stars do, and when his time arrives to return him, I will give him a hand.

"But for now I'm going to focus on Derek. Now is Derek's time."

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