Wednesday , May 18 2022

Command & Conquer and Red Alert are transferred to 4K


Those who spent the day in the end play the original Command & Conquer or Alert In the nineties you might want to get ready to do it again. Electronic Arts has announced that it is restoring both Command & Conquer: Tiberian Dawn i Alert, bringing these two classic strategy games into modern times. The company today gave the first details on what fans can expect from these remasters.

Electronic art has used Petrogliph Games to cope with development tasks on what she calls C & C Remastered collection. Fans of the original will probably be quite excited to hear this because Petrogliph was made up of many of the same people who worked at Voyvode Studio before closing it in 2003. Of course, Vedomod was responsible for Command & Conquer series until 2002 Renegade.

In particular, some of the people who will return for these remasters are Joe Bostic, Steve Tall, Mike Legg and Frank Klepacki. Petrogliphu will help Limon Ski Studio remake these two games, and when everything says and do, both Tiberian Dawn i Alert will play in 4K.

We will also see extensions for these games. For originals Command & Conquer, we will get the updated version Secret operations, while Alert will join Counter Strike i The consequence. Everyone will be offered in one collection, so you will definitely get a lot of games for your money. In a statement on EA, the company even assures that there will be no micro-transactions in this collection.

Although it's a shame that "no microtransactions" have become a selling point worth mentioning these days, we are still pleased to hear that. No date for publication C & C Remastered collection however, EA also notes in today's announcement that development has not yet begun. The programmers will continue to collect feedback from the fans as it begins to develop and eventually progress, so they hope that Petrogliph and Lemon Ski will give fans what they want.

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