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Coronation Street movies impact the gun scenes for Abi and Corey


Coronation street spoilers follow.

Coronation Street is scheduling the next big event in Corey Brent’s story after the recent verdict of the trial.

Earlier this month, Corey was found not guilty of the murder of Seb Franklin, while Kelly Neelan was found guilty, although Corey was the one who attacked Seb while Kelly tried to detain him.

With the street in shock by the unjust verdict, it looks like Seb’s mother, Abi, will take matters into her own hands, with potentially violent consequences.

abi has a gun, filming on the street coronation

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In the new set images that are currently being filmed, Abi is seen waiting outside Corey’s luxury home.

When he sees his son’s killer taking out the trash, he pulls a gun out of his handbag. However, Corey gets a somewhat lucky escape when the police show up to talk to him, scaring Abi out in the process.

Will he take revenge on Corey another day?

corey is arrested by police, coronation of shootings on the street

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Kelly, meanwhile, will have to return to court next week for his sentencing, though Imran Habeeb is asking the judge to consider his troubled education and frail mental health in the decision.

Imran will also have to evade Toyah Battersby’s questions after learning that he lied about spending the night in the office after the verdict of the trial, discovering that he was having an affair with the former Sabeen.

Toyah learns from the two that nothing happened between them, though Sabeen is aware that Imran is not telling the full story, knowing that he did not spend the whole night with her. What else is he not telling them?

Coronation Street is broadcast on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7.30pm and 8.30pm.

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