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Crown Estate faces tenants' rage for rising rents, evictions and arrears in society


They have made numerous complaints about properties rented in real land and tenants have faced more than 100 evictions, has found a Guardian investigation, which rage about how the real estate portfolio is managed of the queen of 14,000 million pounds.

The property of the crown, which helps strengthen the Queen by giving the monarch 25% of its benefits, has sought to evict 113 tenants in the last five years so they can sell their homes for profit.

After coming to light on Tuesday that the taxpayer has a £ 2.4 million pound bill to renew the official residence of Frogmore Cottage, Duke and Duke of Sussex, according to real accounts. Although governments do not play a role of direct supervision in the proceedings of the Crown, Prince William and Prince Charles have previously discussed the importance of guaranteeing quality housing for all.

The data obtained by the Guardian show that the property of the crown has received more than 100 complaints about its residential properties in just two years, including complaints above rental increases, leaks, delays in repairs and defective electrical products.

Frogmore Cottage

Frogmore Cottage, the official residence of Duke and Duchess of Sussex, was recently subjected to extensive renovation that cost the taxpayer 2.4 million pounds sterling. Photo: REX / Shutterstock

An expelled tenant accused the property of the crown, which earned a profit of 329 million dollars last year, of "greed." The retired police officer, who said that he was left thousands of pounds after being expelled, told the guardian: "Crown ownership is custodians, they are not a fixed commercial agent. They are custodians and, therefore, They have a social responsibility towards the public and their communities. "

An investigation with data obtained through the Freedom of Information laws reveals that:

  • The crown property has earned 1.1 million pounds sterling to sell more than 700 residential and commercial buildings since 2014, with a private company that subsequently made excursions to rent far above inflation.

  • More than a quarter of a million pounds have been compensated for by the property of the crown for the benefit of the only seven tenants with difficulties.

  • Four tenants have sued the property of the crown for breach of the contract, including a claim worth half a million pounds.

Revelations will be uncomfortable for elderly people who have already expressed concern about the state of private rental properties. In March, the duke and the duchess of Cambridge visited ruined houses in Blackpool and saw that the rain was passing through the windows of a property and the holes on the ceiling. The third position in line to the throne later said during the visit: "There is a saddest side for Blackpool," he adds: "And we should not turn around these problems."

Prince Carles also spoke in the past in favor of affordable housing for low-wage workers. In 2003, he said in a speech that "the lack of affordable rural housing is one of the most important problems facing the countryside."

Graph of sales of properties of the crown

But a catalog of complaints to the Crown since 2017 shows that property tenants in land that have profits for royal officials have raised complaints about a number of issues.

They include complaints about property leaks, defective lights, noises and homeless people sleeping in a container store in the winter months. Other complaints include: a tenant who has been arrested, rental routes, delays in repairs, a defective gas kitchen, "large volumes of flies" in the home of a resident and that there is no hot water at taps or the shower of a property.

The property of the crown received 71 complaints about residential properties in 2017-18 and 38 to 2018-19. The Crown declared that their records did not distinguish between each other if a complaint was made by a tenant or a visitor of a property.

During the same period, Crown property received more than 300 complaints about its real estate portfolio, including commercial and residential leases, but pointed out that the number included complaints about visitors' attractions, such as the Great Windsor Park.

The property of the crown issued 113 "warnings to leave" to residential tenants from 2014 to 2018, including 97 in rural properties, nine in Windsor and seven in central London.

Other figures also reveal that the property of the crown won more than a quarter of a million pounds for the benefit of housing only seven tenants. The people who rent in Camden, Runnymede and Windsor and Maidenhead have left real estate in real land using a property advantage paid directly to the property of the crown.

Since 2014, they have paid 253,092 pounds sterling to the property of the crown for the benefit of the home. Most of the payments correspond to five tenants from Camden, north of London.

Chart of payments for housing

The Guardian has also established that four tenants have sued the property of the crown for breach of the contract, including a claim of half a million pounds worth of a breach of "restatement obligation" in central London.

Retired policeman Peter Franklyn, 65, was evicted from the three-bed house he shared with his then-wife in Taunton, Somerset, in 2014.

He explained how he was forced to sell carpentry tools worth 6,000 pounds sterling well below market value, since there was no room for them for the smaller property of the couple. "For me, the crown is not a commercial real estate company and it has the duty to preserve and use the properties for the benefit of society," he said.

The Buckingham Palace

A spokesman for Buckingham Palace said: "The Crown Estate is an independent organization. All benefits are returned directly to the Treasury." Photography: Andy Rain / EPA

The property of the crown, which manages the estate of the monarchy, grants the Queen 25% of its profits after two years of arrears as part of the sovereign subsidy: the rest is destined for the Treasury. The subsidy for the years 2018-19, which is related to the benefits of crown property in 2016-17, was 82.2 million pounds. It is projected to rise to 85.7 million pounds by 2020-21.

The Queen has no role in managing crown property, but her accounts point out that "the sovereign is an important actor in relation to good constitutional management and the rules maintained by the crown in the realization of his business" . The CEO and the president of the Crown meet annually with the queen to report on performance.

A Buckingham Palace spokesman said: "Crown ownership is an independent organization. All benefits are returned directly to the Treasury."

A spokeswoman for the Crown said: "We manage more than 9,000 rental contracts throughout the country and we want to keep all of our properties at a high level. We take our clients' comments seriously and we are fully registered to register all complaints, including those of minor importance, as part of continuous efforts to improve our service. "

In response to the expulsion figures, the spokesman added: "Most of the notices that were made were in 2014 as part of a rural residential sales program. Although we have He worked hard to manage the process as well as possible for all those involved, we implemented a series of policies to help our tenants in any future sale, including … the opportunity to buy property at market value substantially increased periods of notice: typically six months; rental deposits released in advance to help obtain alternative accommodation; assistance and advice to locate new properties in the area; flexibility to adapt to the specific circumstances of the individual. "

The spokesman said that commercial and residential properties are paid at market prices, and adds: "Because we can not borrow, we periodically sell both commercial and residential properties to obtain capital to invest."

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