Tuesday , September 27 2022

Danny Velbeck's injury causes serious problems for Arsenal


"I have to say, as a principle I do not believe a lot in the winter window, it's normal, of course there are exceptions. But normally if you have the right planning during the flight and the team is working at the level you expect, you should not go into that window. , a big injury or something really does not work and you need to recover. "

TThe hose is the words of Raul Sanlhehi, Arsenal's chief player, in an interview for Telegraph Sport last month. After the departure of Ivan Gazidis in Milan, Sanlhehi leads such things, and Sanlhehi will come to work this morning, knowing that he has to make a decision.

Sanlheche may not like the January window, but there may be no other choice than to use it. His response last month showed his reluctance to spend the winter, but now he and Arsenal have a question to answer: should there be a replacement for Danny Velbeck? Does Velbeck's terrible joint injury count as an "exception" that will force Arsenal's hand on the market?

For those who have not carefully followed Arsenal this season, the answer may seem obvious. On paper, Velbeck is the player of the team that remains at a certain distance for Pierre-Emerick Aubameiang and Alekandre Lacazette in the gambling order. The reality, however, is that Velbeck has quickly developed into one of the most reliable attacks on Unai Emeri.

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