Tuesday , March 2 2021

From the United States: Almirón traveled to Newcastle on Tuesday, a source close to the player explains the situation

Although the Super Bowl forecasts are taking an important part of the sports sections of the American newspapers, there is still a bit of room left to talk about what they call 'football'.

On Wednesday, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports on the transfer of Miguel Almirón from the MLS along with Atlanta United to Newcastle United.

They claim that "according to a person close to the player," clubs agreed to a tariff on Tuesday, and the Paraguayan star traveled to England on the same day to have a doctor with his new club.

The newspaper does not seem to know much about the figures Newcastle pays. They mentioned that they had reported a $ 27 million fee, while Atlanta considered Almirón worth $ 30 million.

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Atlanta was forced to leave one of its stars, since MLS rules only allow clubs to have three players over the salary limit and, with the arrival of Pity Martinez, the club had four.

In addition to the praise The Atlanta Journal-Constitution gives Almirón its attacking skills, they also emphasize the fact that the midfield midfielder's defensive abilities are "underestimated", as he does not have enough credit to help his team when you press.

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