Monday , April 12 2021

key dates were revealed to ease restrictions in England

This will be as close to normal as possible.

There will be no limits on attendance at weddings and funerals.

Large spaces that were unable to open last year, such as nightclubs, can finally be reopened.

Many of the details of what may happen now depend on various reviews.

Four reviews

There are four comments that have been commissioned below the roadmap. They are designed to find answers that the Government right now considers it unable to give.

Everyone has a “full date at this time,” that is, we know when we expect clarity, but not what the review will decide or whether it will lead to a change in the rules.

A review is about international travel. It remains to be seen whether with vaccine certificates and testing the border can be more open than it is now.

This must be completed before the third step on May 17 in order to report in April. This means, at least in theory, that borders can be relaxed in time for the summer holidays.

However, there is no guarantee that the current rules, which prevent anyone from traveling abroad for a holiday, will be removed after the review, which means that summer holidays abroad are not guaranteed.

A second review will examine measures of social distancing. These include keeping two meters apart outside (or “one more meter” inside), wearing masks, and being encouraged to work from home.

This review must be reported before the fourth stage, which is June 17th. In other words, don’t expect to be told to return to work in an office until the summer as soon as possible.

A third review will examine Covid vaccine certificates used nationally. This is interesting, as government ministers had previously downplayed this possibility.

The Prime Minister has confirmed that Michael Gove has had the task of leading a review on the use of “vaccine passports”, which will examine the “deep and complex issues” surrounding the introduction of immunity certificates.

It is understood that the Government remains concerned about the implications of these steps and will weigh the moral and ethical implications of any movement like this. He will report in step four, which is June 17th.

The fourth review will examine major events. Attempts will be made to resolve when it is certain that major events will be held again. He will also report on step four, so that on June 17th.

Pilots for large outdoor events will be available from April.

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