Monday , May 16 2022

Kilie Jenner shares new photos of Travis Scott and Babi Stormi together


Kilie Jenner sounds more in love now than ever!

Just a few hours before the boy Travis Scott went on a scene in Astrovord, his own music festival in Houston, Texas, the makeup could share some of the black and white photos of Scott and their babies, Stormy Webster, happily merge in the back.

"Only people around you really know how hard it is to work," a 21-year-old Hang on with the Kardashians The star took pictures. "I love to watch how all the dreams come true. Your first festival, so we are proud of you."

"I love women," Scott replied in a commentary, using his favorite nickname for the TV personality. On photographs, nine months old old bastards while looking at their proud eyes of thieves.

Just last week, a 26-year-old artist entertained about his first moments as a father on the day-screen of Ellen DeGeneres, admitting that this was a bit scary first.

"I get into it, I was nervous and scared, because we're both young, but, you know, when you hold the baby in your hands for the first time, it's uncontrollable," Scott said. "I never thought I could love something so hard, you know? It's crazy."

He also offered viewers a sweet upgrade to his daughter who is developing rapidly.

"I had to leave her to come here, and it was so hard," he said. "She's so animated. She's just running around the house on this new walker, and she's turning into a full race."

Scott was at the helm of Saturday's festival, which included performances by Lil Vaine, Post Malone, Rae Sremmurd and many more.

Find out more news Kar-Jenner in the clip below.


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