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Live baby news live: updates by Meghan Markle and Prince Harry prepare for the birth of their first child


How should Meghan spend the time waiting for the baby's arrival?

The Press Association has spoken with a birth expert about "playing baby's waiting game".

1. Nesting

"One of the things some parents want to do is the latest preparations at home," said Amy Delicate, a prenatal teacher at the National Childbirth Trust (NCT).

From eating bundled favorites and eating healthy appetizers to organizing nursery, Meghan is likely to nest in his new home Frogmore Cottage at Windsor Estate.

2. Stay active

Maintaining the most active possible is an important way to prepare women to give birth.

Mrs. Delicate said: "If Meghan or other mothers have been doing things like yoga or swimming or walking, try to keep doing these.

"Being active can really help prepare for birth.

"It can help the baby's head to devote himself to the pelvis and help move a woman to work more smoothly."

3. Relaxation

Moms should also make sure they relax before birth.

"Meghan should take the time to lift his feet and keep some energy, not just from work and birth, but from when the newborn arrives," said Ms. Delicate

"Some people see this relaxation as the time to take care, such as a haircut or nail, or what helps them to feel more relaxed."

4. Date nights

It is possible that Harry and Meghan want to take full advantage of their free evenings together by booking in some nights of the date.

NCT's expert said: "I encourage parents to enjoy the time they have before they reach the baby – date nights or go to the cinema, have dinner with friends, things that they can not do so easily when the baby is here" .

He added that relaxation and happiness are important, as they help produce the oxytocin hormone that causes work.

5. Review birth plans

The last account behind the arrival of the Sussex baby could be used to check the birth plans, Ms Ms. suggested. Delicate

The duke and the duchess could look at the last-minute questions they have with their consultant or the midwife, or alter the preparations based on how Meghan feels.

6. Listen to the body

"The shape of a woman and the feeling of comfort that can almost change every hour at the end of pregnancy," said Ms. Delicate

"What a woman could have done in yoga positions today can be very different."

He advised Meghan to be installed with his / her care team and to handle the activity changes, the pain, the pain and the beginning of the contractions in his last days of # 39 pregnancy

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