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Liverpool News: Ksherdan Shakiri returns a blow after Garry Neville calls him "unprofessional"


Ksherdan Shakiri replied to Gary Neville (Picture: Getti)

Liverpool star Ksherdana Shakiria was hit after Garry Neville was labeled "unprofessional" for his behavior in Stoke City last season.

Shaqiri had an impressive start at Merzajid after his transfer of $ 13.5 million a year, but the 27-year-old was extremely criticized for distancing himself from the players in the team before he left for the Stoke back door.

He remembered that "even Ronaldinho could do a little bit" to enhance Stoke's happiness, complaining of a "lack of quality" around him in Britain.

Potters was then proclaimed from the Premier League and Manchester United legend Neville condemned the way Shakiri behaved.

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"I am not a fan of Shakira to be honest with you," Neville said in June.

"I think that this should have been fairly worsened by the fact that he distanced himself from his colleagues like Stoke. They were unprofessional in the last season of the Stoke, and he has no doubt."

Gary Neville is not the biggest fan of Ksherdan Shakiri (Image: Getti)

Shakiri responded to Neville, claiming that he did not take into account his criticism.

Asked whether there will ever be cafes with Neville, Swiss said Blick: & Nothing. I do not care what he says. I do not care if he now says I like him very much.

"Many laughed after the transfer that Liverpool was too big for me, but I was always calm when I initially had a little time to play.

"I knew, of course, because of the experience in Bayern and Inter, that I have to be patient, work focused, and then take advantage of it when I get it."

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Shaqiri defeated Neville earlier this season by sending Liverpool shirt after former United lost a bet with Jamie Carragher.

"It was the idea of ​​a club I like to follow," he explained.

"But I do not provide my services to my critics."

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