Friday , August 12 2022

LOTTO RESULTS: Lottery Euromillions winning numbers, including the Thunderball dart for Tuesday, November 13


Have you been lucky in Evromilliona tonight? All the information you need is below to see if tonight is the night in which life changed forever.

It's still just Tuesday, so the weekend is not in sight, but why not win by winning a million pounds?

If that was so simple – but huge chances are still not stopped by thousands of people from nine countries across the continent who hope and pick up a ticket for Eurovillion parties every Tuesday and Friday.

Tonight, the jackpot was a huge 32 million pounds and there were 500,000 pounds to be won in the Thunderball draw. Euromillions football was around 20.20h and Thunderball at 20h.

I brought you results as soon as drawing is done on our daily blog, below. If you get stuck, you get information in real time.

To play Euromillions, you match five numbers and two "Luckie Stars". The prize is shared if there are more than one winner of the jackpot. You can also select Lucer Dip and let the machine select the random selection for you.

There was a competition in the UK, which gives you the chance to win 1,000,000 pounds and you can win this and the Euromillions. You just have to match the code.

Did you take the ticket? Tonight could be your luck.

Euromillions were first drafted in February 2004 and initially included only Great Britain, France and Spain – before the organizers of the lottery, Ireland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Austria and Portugal joined in October of that year.

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We published information in our live blog below. In this way, we have given you results as soon as they are drawn.

You can buy a ticket until 19.30 in the draw. Stores will then start selling tickets again at 21h.

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