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Love Island 2019 cast: CONFIRMAT of the contestant


A scientist, a firefighter, a surfer and the brothers of a famous dancer and boxer are among our first group of residents of the city for Love Island 2019, with an influential social network.

Below is the complete list (and constant change) of the contestants: here's who is doing in the Majorcan town this summer …

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Love Island of Maura (ITV)

With more than 40 k of followers on Instagram, Maura has worked with some famous faces thanks to his modeling work: it can be seen in a music video for the 2017 Get Low hit Liam Payne. He is also looking for a long-term relationship, which his former boyfriend had spent for nine years.

"If I am in a relationship with someone, I am loyal. This is. I never cheated. They cheated me. I trust someone until you do something wrong, I'm very similar to that," he says.


Age: 26

From: London

Work: Eyelash technician

A girl from Essex, Elma has provided tabs for some of the TOWIE dealers. He says his dream would be a mix of Jack Fowler and Jack Fincham of Love Island 2018

"Both have a good height, have nice eyes and wide shoulders. Jack's [Fincham] I had the father's father, and I have it, "he says.

Danny Williams

Age: 21

From: Helmet

Work: Model

Danny has put on the front covers of magazines with the band Little Mix girls, a story that probably will be used with the girls of the city, as well as their self-proclaimed best assets: their shameless personality and their cheeks with pegs.

He expects to be a "good friend of people before anyone else", and looks for an "ambitious" and "powerful" woman and "would not be very scared".


Age: 20

From: Hertfordshire

Work: Influence of social media

Molly-Mae is the first newcomer to the town since the first day, but his arrival is not a complete surprise: the "influencing social media" was one of the rumors that we reported in the stretch scheduled this year.

And Molly-Mae is unlikely to be intimidated – or necessarily impressed – by our famous islanders, who have passed through various players, including James Maddison, from Leicester City.

"Some soccer players have fallen in my DM. I have dated soccer players, everything is superficial and on the surface," he said. "And then you know them and they are only a blow" Jack the Lad "."

More information about Molly-Mae …


Age: 23

From: Dublin, Ireland

Work: Scientist

As a scientist, it is possible that you can not expect that the town of Love Island, usually molded, be Yewande's natural home.

But the 23-year-old from Dublin thinks it's more than a good option for Mallorca.

"Every time I say that I am a scientist, people are surprised," he says. "I think there are a lot of smart people on the television real, last year we had Dr. Alex and the previous year we had Camilla Thurlow in the city."

However, if humor takes you to Yewande, it may not be so timid and withdrawn. "I can not imagine stealing someone who is there, but I never say it," he says.

More information about Yewande …


Age: 21

From: Newquay, Cornwall

Work: Surfer

Surfer Lucie already has links to Love Island: she left Charlie Frederick's short-term contest, last year, after being expelled from the town.

Now you are looking for someone as a sport.

"I like the typical surfer's look: blonde, long hair," says the young man of 21 years. "It seems to me that sports guys are much more attractive compared to your average type that only cools and leaves at night."

More information about Lucie …

Love Island Amber Gill

Age: 21

From: Newcastle

Work: Beauty therapist

Amber already has someone's eyes: Tom Hardy. "It's good and it also loves dogs, and I love dogs," he says.

However, if the Venom player does not walk through the Mallorcan town, he wants a guy with a good sense of humor. "I want someone to be fun and that I can have fun and not take me too seriously because I'm fantastic," says the 21-year-old.

More information about Lucie …

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Love Island Amy Hart

Age: 26

From: Worthing, Sussex

Work: Director of the cabin crew

Host Amy does not want to just throw herself at the house of the love island, the 26-year-old man goes to the house to find the "only one."

"I'm looking for someone to travel with the world, have fun with someone who will love it as much as I love them," he says.

More about Amy …


Age: 28

From: London

Work: Pharmacist

It may be published as "the British Kim Kardashian," but Anna is willing to insist that she has brains and beauty.

"I studied a lot and I have my teachers," says the young man of 28 years. "I think I am different from anyone who has been in the program before. I have all the glamorous glance, I am funny, but at the same time I feel that I have more for myself than this."

More information about Anna …


Age: 24

From: Airdrie, Scotland

Work: Gym owner

Heartbreaker Anton admits that he has never been faithful.

"It's a medical condition that I have … an errant eye!", The jokes of 24 years.

"My last relationship actually caught traps for the first time in my life and everything changed me. I saw how bad it was and what it did to him. Therefore, for me in Love Island, it will be the test greatest of my life. "

More information about Anton …


Age: 20

From: Manchester

Work: Boxer

Although he is the smallest brother of the heavy boxer Tyson Fury, "honest, charismatic and charming", Tommy wants to be known as his own man in Love Island.

"I do not want to be labeled as your little brother," he says. "I do the best I can do in life and that's all I propose to achieve."

More information on Tommy …


Age: 22

From: Southeast of London

Work: Owner of the catering company

Cheeky Joe, which is classified as 8.5 out of 10, seems to be this year's response to Eyal while looking for a "connection" to the town.

"For me, it's more like clicking, if it's fun, going out and do not take too seriously and is open to talking about things," says the 22-year-old. "It is obvious that the initial attraction is key, but the connection is the main option".

More about Joe …


Age: 27

From: Liverpool

Work: Fireman

As a robust firefighter, Michael is considered a hero. "Who does not want his own firefighter?", Those of 27 years.

However, Liverpudlian seeks an "intellectual" in the city. "I need someone with whom I can do it and have a conversation and do not lose it in the translation. And he must have a good wagon. "

More information on Michael …

Sherif at Love Island, ITV EMBARGOED

Age: 20

From: London

Work: Rugby and semi-professional player

Sheriff "atrocious" wants someone who can make him laugh, even if his laughter can be quite unpleasant.

"I feel that it makes people laugh, so I want a girl who makes me laugh, even if it's just to be herself and not try to be fun," says the young person of 20 years. "My real laugh, my hysterical laughter is pretty ugly.

"She laughed at everything, which sometimes makes me trouble. I really can not take anything seriously. "

UPDATE: On Tuesday, June 11, Sherif left the house of Love Island to "break the rules," according to a spokesman for the show.

"Sheriff had conversations with the producers and mutually agreed that he would leave the town of the" Love Island ", he confirmed a statement.

Sheriff added: "In a case of bad judgment, I broke the rules of the town and, as a result, I agreed with the producers that it was better for me to leave the house.

"I am sorry that I did not behave in the right way and, as a boy of twenty years, it is something I know that I will assume and learn."

More information about Sherif …

Callum in Love Island, ITV EMBARGOED

Age: 28

From: South Wales

Work: Engineer of airplanes

Party-boy Callum is looking for a blast on the house and expects to settle well with anyone with whom he is working.

"It seems prudent, I like the girls blond and small," he says. "Now I'm 28 years old because I have time, I do not want to stay on the shelf. All the experience will be great and, if I find somebody, that's why I am here."

More information on Callum …


Age: 23

From: Shropshire

Work: Ballroom and Latin dancer

Do you recognize Curtis? The 23-year-old dancer is the younger brother of the strictest AJ Pritchard and is himself a professional in the Irish version of Strictly, Dancing with the Stars.

It is his activity as a dancer who has kept Curtis in the dating circuit.

"My ex-girlfriend was my dancing partner. We have danced with each other since we were 12 years old until 14 years old, "he explains. Until the beginning of 2019, Curtis had been doing dancing with Emily Barker for two years.

"I have lived a very protected life due to my dance, I have not gone out much to go out of party, going through dates because I have not had time," he says. "To be veritable I've probably been in less than ten dates, maybe five dates. I've never met anyone online, I've never used an appointment app."

More information about Curtis …

********************************************* ***********

Who has been rumored for the formation of Love Island 2019?

Anna i Mandi Vakili

They are called "the British Kim Kardashian," Anna Vakili and her sister Mandi, as reported by Aime Island executives with their wavy curves.

"These two will give the sample an added dimension. They look like the British Kardashianes sisters, "a source told the Daily Star.

Joanna Chimonides

The second former WAG to be screened for this year's training; According to reports, Joanna Chimonides, who dates from Ben Chilwell of Leicester City, has talked with the bosses to leave home before the release of this series, even for his disapproval.

"Ben has been furious for his performance, although he left it at the end of last summer because he wanted to be single," he told The Sun.

"They had kept friends until a month ago when he told him he was going to Love Island. She thought Ben was very much a holiday and thought he was the right person at the wrong time.

"The Joanna had been approached by the heads of the island of love when she was still with Ben and rejected it."

Mollie Mae-Hague

Apparently, the producers chose to the young people of 19 years that had participated in the last series, with the 149,000 followers Instagram of the model that brought about their interest.

And Mollie, who previously met with footballer James Maddison of Leicester City, could have picked up some tips for the villa, as he is a friend of the stars of series 4, Rosie Williams and Kendall-Rae Knight.

"Molly is very beautiful and looks incredible in a bikini: it's the perfect island," he told The Sun. "It was in a relationship with soccer player James Maddison, but they were divided earlier this year. Molly's told friends that they were prepared to move on and find someone special in the city.

"The former islanders Rosie Williams and Kendall Rae Knight are friends of Molly and have given her an idea of ​​being at the fair.

"He will fly from Manchester, where he lives in Mallorca this weekend before the start of the series next Monday."

Amy Hart

The hostess and queen of British Airways's beauty is being sent to enter the town, after being inspired by last year's contestant (Laura Anderson).

He is also a good friend of the Islander Zara Holland series, after getting to know her at the event scene.

Amy Hart, rumors of Love Island (Instagram)

"Amy has been a fan of Love Island for years, always dreamed of being at the fair," said a source.

"When Laura Anderson's airline took part last year, she stimulated her and gave her even more reasons to request it."

The insider continued with The Sun: "After having a boob job when I was 21, Amy feels more confident than ever with her body and can not wait to enter the bikini this summer."

Jada Sezer

According to the information, the additional size model will enter the village later in the series in response to the critics of the "identikit" contestants.

The 30-year-old has previously modeled L'Oreal and directed London Marathon last year simply with underwear and coaches.

One source explained: "This year the producers are determined to have more variation among the islanders.

"They want all forms and sizes to participate, not just a flow of identical young men and women."

The insider continued in The Mirror, "It would be a perfect choice because he is a fan of corporal positivity – and he even appeared on Good Morning Britain in his underwear before heading for the marathon.

"The producers have been talking with her for a long time and are hoping to present her later in the series."


The personality of Twitter and sex blogger Oloni has stated that he will also enter the house of the island in June.

Perhaps you recognize Oloni, the full name of Dami Olonisakin, of the many challenges of Twitter in which he asks people to reveal their experiences and problems of sex and relationship.

Oloni, Love Island (Instagram)

Oloni told his 57,000 followers on Instagram: "Cat will come out in the bag: I will be in Love Island."

He then added that his ideal man was "Six feet tall and dark hair, only someone with whom I can attack."

Corey Galloway

The last name related to the town is the barman Corey Galloway.

Corey Galloway, Instagram

The 25-year-old, from Scottish origin, but now working as a barman in Dubai, flew to the UK to meet the producers before the new series.

"Corey is a handsome guy killed, and has been single for a while, so he has nothing to lose to go to Love Island," said a source at The Sun.

"Actually, he only becomes an uncle and has been thinking of putting a single life behind him to settle for someone special.

"It's really coming out and ladies love it. You never find the opportunity to make the most of it for the city to be your idea of ​​the sky."

Curtis Pritchard

According to reports, Strictly Come Dancing's younger brother, AJ Pritchard, may be waltzing to the town.

The executives hope that the 23-year-old woman, who is also a professional dancer, will lead the Mallorcan town with its soft movements.

"His body is ideal for being in a bathing suit all day long, as well as being a nice one with a great sense of humor, so surely it will be a success with the ladies," said a source at The Sun.

"They also hope you bring some sexy salsa moves to the town."

Tommy Fury

The smaller brother of the boxer Tyson Fury has been strongly rumored to be united to the formation of Love Island. A boxer in his own right, Tommy Fury is 19 years old and hopes to leave the shadow of his brother.

It seems that his good efforts (that I'm sorry) are already a success in the streets of Manchester and, according to a source from the Daily Star, "he is very confident when it comes to the ladies."

With some abs and a few thousand fans of Instagram already on their behalf, Tommy seems a natural fit …

Kobi-Jean Cole

The last Great Britain Mass is offered to follow the steps of Zara Holland and enter the town of Ile Island.

The tests? His coach, Matt Fiddes, has left some important clues that his 23-year-old client will appear in the series of ITV2 realities. In a post after a training with Kobi-Jean, he mocked: "What is it doing for you?", Who replied: "Ahhh, so exciting! Not too long."

Kobi-Jean Cole (Instagram)

Now, of course, this could mean almost anything, but Matt's following comment is that he really raised his eyebrows: "Look out of leaving the country! I have a small break! "

However, it seems that now it can discard Kobi, with Matt clarifying his comments.

"We can confirm that Miss Britain does not really go to Love Island home this year," he wrote about Instagram. "There were some discussions about the inclusion in this series between Kobi and the producers of Love Island during their casting process, but it was decided that due to respect for their title and the brand of Miss Great Britain, they would not participate."

Sav Berry

Sav Berry, Love Island & # 39; rumor & # 39; (Instagram)

Influencer, model and joker of Internet Sav Berry is the last name that is attached to the fifth series of Love Island.

The news of the so-called appearance of a 23-year-old young man leaked to the Daily Star Online by a friend, with images of Berry posing in front of an electronic screen and in front of a pink backdrop in the same style that love Contestants of the island.

However, after subsequent excavation, it seems that one of the features included in the story was really based on a previous shoot that Berry did for Jacamo.

Berry is also a joker, who has previously made videos with YouTube's YVB channel.

Ted Pullin

Rumors of Ted Pullin Love Island (screenshot of Instagram)

According to the information, the model born in Oxford is in "advanced conversations" to enter the city for the series.

Friends with the four-star series Jack Fowler, from Love Island, signed with the same agency as Eyal Booker and, according to reports, Pullin was left out of last year's race and went to the house next to Charlie Frederick.

However, he was replaced in favor of Josh Denzel, who finished third in the competition.

But Pullin seems to be an ideal forge for villas: with more than 24,000 followers on Instagram and they have shaped the brands of BoohooMAN and Blakely.

One source explained: "Ted, undoubtedly, would be a popular and recognizable complement to the village of Amor Island.

"He is already tracking social networks, no doubt after thousands of people who showed" a blakely hot model "after seeing one of his ads."

The insider continued in The Sun: "He got to a place at the fair the last time, but he just lost himself. This could be his year."

Soph Piper

Instagram Soph Piper, Rochelle Humes (Instagram)

The little sister of Rochelle Humes (on the right) speaks in advance to enter the town.

"A source close to Love Island" explained that the producers expect that the young man of 20 years this year Dani Dyer.

"The heads of ITV2 are very interested so that Soph is the star of the series this year," he told The Sun's privileged information. "Last year they had Dani and his claim with dad Danny capturing the viewers and increased the ratings of the program.

"This year they hope to do the same with Rochelle and her younger sister, which is her image.

"Soph is the island's perfect island: it's incredibly beautiful and loves to meet new people after a season in Ibiza.

"He is currently deciding with his family if it is the right decision for her, but it seems a strong possibility."

Lotan Carter

Apparently, the old star of the Big Brother met with producers of Island of Love to star in series 5.

Carter, who had previously worked as Dreamboy, was worried about the fact that his realistic TV past could retain it.

"Lotan is really successful and has been training to see the camera better," a source told The Sun.

"The producers seemed really interested, but he is worried so that his show of reality can work against him.

"However, he has some very good stories about celebrities and he would do a great television.

"And he seeks love. He wants to find One and he hopes he can find someone who fits the program."

Megan Barton Hanson … again

Megan Barton Hanson, Love Island

Whether you wanted to or bothered her, Megan Barton Hanson made the view of Love Island unforgettable last year.

The bodacious blonde was everything that caused the bomb when it was entered at eight in the day, and instantly turned the heads into the town, even those who were in the most comfortable couplings that tend to deflect themselves .

While Dr. Alex initially tried (and eventually failed) to get into it, Megan chose to join the deep hashtag of Eyal Booker, with the couple all the way to the Hideaway – before he left him with the immortal line, "You are not exactly Jim Carrey."

Instead of that, "Muggy" Meg broke what seemed to be the most unbreakable couple in town, with Wes Nelson leaving Laura for Meg almost immediately after having heard that he was interested in him.

Although his romance was not without his ups and downs (Alex-with glasses at Casa Amor, nobody?), The couple came to the final live of the series, finishing fourth – and in Reality seemed to really fall in love when they moved. together shortly after the program.

Wes Nelson and Megan Barton-Hanson at Love Island (ITV, HF)

Wes Nelson and Megan Barton-Hanson at Love Island (ITV, HF)

But the peers from their separation after the appearance of Wes on Dancing on Ice, and Meg's friends have made it clear that the former glamor model would be willing to do the show again.

"Megan will be about to meet new types that have already ended Wes," a friend told the Daily Star newspaper.

"It is understandable that he is annoyed that he has not fulfilled, but that there is no need to pay attention to the past.

"We consider it the ideal tonic to overcome Wes. I should now apply it."

Jane Park

The Lottery Nature Park, Jane Park, first entered the public eye when it collected 1 million pounds of Euromillions in just 17 years.

Now, twenty-seven years old, Jane intends to negotiate in Scotland with Spain this summer with the intention of finding love in the city.

"Jane made it clear that she is looking for the perfect type and believes that Love Island is an ideal place to start," she told The Sun.

"The bosses approached her before, but Jane did not feel prepared. She is single now and considers that the time is right to explore the options.

"Last year he loved the show and thought he could give him something long lasting."

The millionaire has admitted that it is "difficult" to meet men because of their strong win in the lottery.

Talking to Sunday People last year, he explained: "I have had couple relationships and left me with a huge guard. With the latter, I gave him gifts. I thought he would be happy.

"Every week I bought a Rolex, a car, clothes. I regret everything."

Love Island is Jane's last offer to try to find a romance, after having offered a subsidy of 60,000 pounds sterling for wine and dinner.

"Nobody called attention to him," the source continued. "Jane knows that the contestants of Love Island are examined and believes that she will have a better quality of man there."

Sairah Pinnock

Big sister's sister Little Mix, Leigh-Anne Pinnock, Sairah was accused by the tabloids of entering Love Island last year.

An informer on the island of Love Island told The Sun: "Sairah is one of the reservations of Love Island that could be thrown into the mix at any time during one of the episodes.

"She had her fair share of bad relationships, so she's fine and really looking for love and a long-term relationship."

Nevertheless, its inclusion seems less likely to the five series, after Leigh-Anne de Little Mix published the show by its lack of diversity.

Amelia Goodman

Amelia Goodman comes from a family of television protagonists, with her sister Chloe Goodman appearing on Ex on the Beach and Celebrity Big Brother. His other sister, Lauryn, is also no stranger to the game of fame, with 56,000 followers Instagram.

Amelia does not lag behind with 23 k followers on Instagram, which is described as influential in Brighton's social networks. It was rumored for Love Island 2018, with Mail Online stating that it has already met with producers and casting heads.

In 2019 could it be your time to shine?

Ethan Allen

Gabby Allen's magnificent little brother became the boss when he appeared briefly in the 2017 edition of Love Island, and many asked Leeds University the chance to participate in the program.

His popularity saw him meet with the heads of the series ahead of the 2018 series.

"Ethan did not want to follow the program initially, although Gabby had such an incredible moment," Sun told a source.

"But the producers were eager to get it on board and it was a couple of meetings.

"It is not yet completely on board and it is too soon to say who will definitely go to the fair, but is in talks and Gabby encouraged him to do so."

Braelin Kail Peery

The US American star Braelin Kail Peery confirmed that producers had been directed to participate in the fifth series of Love Island.

El model de 20 anys d’Atlanta sembla ser una forja perfecta per a les cases, després d’haver obtingut més de 8.000 seguidors a Instagram i 21.000 seguidors a Twitter.

Però Braelin, que va afirmar que era bisexual a la seva pàgina de Twitter el setembre passat, sembla ser molt més guardonada pel fet d’embalar-la i dirigir-se a Mallorca durant l’estiu.

Quan un dels seus seguidors la va instar a participar, ella va respondre: "Tinc 20 anys i mai no he tingut relació. Ja no puc fer demostracions amoroses. "

Podria canviar d’opinió?

Ercan Ramadà

Sembla que l’única estrella de Marbs s’apropava a principis de gener després que la seva forta presència als mitjans socials i les connexions amb altres estrelles de l’Illa d’Amor van cridar l’atenció dels productors.

"Els agents de càsting d’Aime Island s'apropen a persones amb fama de baix nivell per participar a la mostra d’aquest any, van dir a Ercan que seria l’adaptació perfecta per al programa i que realment el volien a bord", va dir a The Sun una font.

"Aquest any sàpiguen exactament a qui volen el programa, tothom a Love Island ha de tenir una forta influència en les xarxes socials: és clau per a l'èxit del programa".

No obstant això, pot ser que sigui massa tard per signar l'estrella, i Ercan ja data de l'ex-favorit de Geordie Shore, Vicky Pattison.

A partir d’aquest programa, des d’un programa informatiu, Ercan no s’ha abordat, dient a MailOnline: "No és veritat, no hem audicionat aquests noms".

Love Island retunes on Monday 3rd June on ITV 2.

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