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Mossmorran chemical plant in Fife for five days


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ExxonMobil has apologized in front of the Mossmorran plant.

You've been warned that residents near a Fife chemical factory will start to work on Mondays and it will last for five days.

ExxonMobil apologized ahead of the flame on the plant in Ethiopia of Fife in Mossmoran and said it was connected to the "essential maintenance" work.

Residents of the area said they were "underpinning" to get on board.

The previous tears caused complaints about the noise and vibrated the houses in the area.

"Getting ready"

James Glen, president of the Mossmorran Action Group, told the BBC Scotland news website: "People are very angry and sick of this happening again.

"They do not trust the plant and think it's insecure.

"This is a controlled event, so it's not as extreme as we've had before, but it can be.

"We are preparing ourselves".

A statement from the ExxonMobil ethylene plant in Fife said: "To allow essential maintenance, our explosion will be operational from tomorrow.

"We understand that Flamarat can cause concern, but we always have to put the operations safe first.

"Fluttering will be kept to a minimum.

"The work will last about five days. Accept our apologies before work."

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