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News Brekit: Penny Mordaunt calls for a conscience consensus on a draft agreement to leave the EU | Politics | news


The International Development Secretary held an astonishing intervention on Tuesday. It is thought that Mrs. Mordaunt asked MPs and ministers from Tora to act with her conscientiousness when the deal was made before the community. The Constitutional Convention on Collective Ministerial Accountability is the cornerstone of the United Kingdom system.

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In order to suspend an important parliamentary convention, there will be monumental development in the Brekite process.

The music mood in the cabinet is said to be extremely mixed, while Pro-Remain and pro-Leave MPs are divided in the best way forward.

A source from a Briquetter Cabinet told the Sun: "The sad reality where we are now a bad thing is better than the deal, because there is no time left to stop an agreement that would become a disaster."

The Cabinet Minister, who read the draft, said "there is no alternative", but insisted that the deal was "better than I expected."

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Mark Francois, a leading member of the European Research Group Pro-Leave (ERG), said on Monday that it would be "mathematically impossible" to push the agreement with the daughters through Commons.

Speaking to BBC Nevsnight, he said: "There is absolutely no way for the deal based on" Deverzima "to go through the House under the common seat.

"It's just mathematically impossible."

The ERG, whose sole purpose since its inception in 1993 was the withdrawal from Great Britain, elected prominent Tori Brekiter, Jacoba Rees-Mogga, chose as president in January this year.

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Rees-Mogg said on Tuesday that there were "white flags over Vhitehall" after the text of the Brekit agreement was agreed in the negotiations.

At a gigantic press conference in the Commons skull on Tuesday night, he blasted, exploding: "It did not reach the agreement so much that it surrendered to Brussels, Britain would be a commodity state."

But Chancellor Philip Hammond said he was optimistic about drafting a contract, and friends say it's "very positive."

Key ministers were individually invited to number 10 on Tuesday night for urgent meetings with Ms. May, as the prime minister tried to install the order among those who could threaten her prime minister by refusing to support her plan.

They were secretary Brekita Dominic Raab, Health Secretary Matt Hancock, Foreign Secretary Jeremi Hunt, Interior Minister Sayyid Javid, Secretary of State for Environmental Protection Michael Gove, Secretary of Transportation Chris Grailing and commander Andrea Leads.

Emergency talks on the crisis were organized rapidly in the latest campaign to rescue the Prime Minister's credibility over the resignation of the bomb with former Transport Minister Jo Johnson.

Шоков отправление г. Johnson threatened to inspire the next cabinet ministers to leave the government over Brekite.

Senior official No10 suggested that the prime minister would say that the negotiations "were pushed as far as possible" and that Great Britain "can not get anything better than this."

Ms. Maj said that at the weekly government meeting on Tuesday morning she said: "We will have to sit as a cabinet and consider what is in the national interest."

Source number 10 added: "The Prime Minister firmly realized that this arrangement would not improve to pull more."

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