Sunday , December 5 2021

Pep Guardiola found the perfect Formula Man Citia in great games – Simon Bajkovski


Guardiola knows his strongest KSI

Much has been done, rightly, about the depth of the team that this Manchester Team has.

Especially since signing Riad Mahrez, the thought was that Pep Guardiola can choose any deadly combination of an attacker who finds it suited for a particular match and opponents.

However, in the big games this season, there was a theme.

The same squad that became against United on Sunday took Vembley against Tottenham, Anfield against Liverpool, and injury David Silva was the only reason KSI started on Emirates on the day of the opening.

As talented as Leroi Sane, Ilkai Gundogan, Gabriel Jesus and others, it is undoubtedly that Guardiola has an accurate view of how he wants to set up against big teams in terms of staff and style.

Obviously this is, given that the City took 10 of the possible 12 points in those games.

When Blues goes to Chelsea in early December, it will be a surprise if this team is not called beginners.

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Bernardo is underlined by quality

A man nicknamed Bubblegum by his landlords is rightly aware of the touch which makes his ball look beautiful on his feet, but he is also outstanding on the defensive side of the game.

Guardiola mentioned earlier that Bernardo should lose most of his battles, but he seems to have found him once in 100, where his balance is better suited for knocking the ball and continues to get a lot more balls than he should.

In one minute against United, he took Marcus Rashford off Ederson's goal to break United's attack, and then scored better than Anthony Martial to challenge another city wave of 40 meters from David de Gea.

Being smart and quicker than physical opponents, the city squad of small dribbles shows the way forward for a nice game.

Best of England

Maybe there was only one Manchester starter in two teams, but there were many England battles for fun.

Raheem Sterling was against Ashley Young on his left wing, Kyle Walker came to Luke Shaw whenever he moved forward, and John Stone was tasked with keeping Marcus Rashford.

These players know the second game more than most of the opponents they have come across and it shows, with each of them having to work so hardly to gain an advantage.

Gareth Southgate could only be impressed when he looks into the future of the English team.

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Man Citi – Key Information

Good Sunday in the title race

In Manchester guests, the result of the City did a very good Sunday for the title race.

Arsenal surprised losing points at home in Volves, Chelsea was held at home in Everton and Liverpool won the unsuccessful victory over the guys from the Fulham bench.

(A United lost, of course, if you still count them as a candidate).

Compare with the situation that took place in the last international break, when it missed the penalty of Riyadh Mahrez a great spot in Anfield and saw two teams at the top of the table.

It lasted longer than last season, but the City pulled back in front of the pack.

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