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Police chief explodes our "broken society": witnesses refuse to help VPC attacked by ass | UK | news


The police were attacked while they were serving in Merton during the weekend (Image: Twitter / @ nehemiah_adams)

It comes after the video showed the suspect in a bid to hit Kung-Fu when the police were attacked while attempting to arrest a suspect in Merton, southern London, on Saturday night.

The policeman pulled over the guys before he wandered the flying hit on a policeman, leaving the wounded in the middle of the road. Both were taken to the hospital before being released later.

One person stopped helping two policemen while others watched from their cars or filmed violence on phones.

Mr. Marsh said: "The company is corrupted. In old times this would never have happened. The public would jump.

Ken Marsh warned that the police might not be involved if the public is violent (Image: / MPFed)

"Members of the public just went as if it was normal, it's normal to look at the cop on the ground. What's going on? It's not shocking.

"Do I start telling my colleagues to just leave, just let them go? Nobody will help you. We do not have enough officers. The officers have to take longer to help.

"There are some really violent people who now do not care, they do not respect society, they do not have respect for the police. We have to start dealing with our game and be a bit stronger."

Police Secretary Nick Hurd said: "This video is terrible and sick. Being attacked should never be a part of the business for our brave emergency service workers who have done damage to protect us."

One officer was attacked every 20 minutes last year, which means that 72 years have been attacked every day in England and Wales in the year to April – a total of 26,295 and 3,975 in the Met area.

Mr. Marsh acknowledges that there are risks to public interventions.

But he added: "There are plenty of people there and you have to confront what is right".

Two of the defendants were on the run last night, while one was arrested and charged.

G. Marsh acknowledged that it would be "terrible" for officers who "signed up to support the law and defend the common company" to leave.

The VPC particularly avoids driving a London bus during the weekend (The painting: -)

Social media has fueled hatred for the police, he said.

Some use Facebook and Twitter to invite people to attack the police, while others criticize any use of force during the arrests that were filmed and posted on the Internet.

Mr. Marsh said: "Have we come to a situation where my colleagues can not even defend themselves because they are so scared of the perception of the public that they must be abused in this way?

"Now we are confronted with a situation in which a police officer does not adhere to an accurate manual for training about the safety of officers, they went out of direction and acted wrong. If you have 6ft 2in male sex, full of aggression, drink and drugs, you have to wonder , where are we going with this?

"The company crashed this bizarre road when we're cursed if we do it, damn if not. What do we do when someone pulls a knife or a pistol to one of my colleagues? That's very worrying."

He also warned that organized criminal gangs are so desperate to protect their profits that they will commit a cunning attack on the middle day.

Mr. Marsh added: "He has become much more violent, you have never been used to attacking officers at the levels that are now. I will sometimes accept that we have not always succeeded.

"Obviously there is a sense of behaving like this. The fee is not there and becomes a norm."

Social network users also criticized those who recorded violence during the Merton incident.

A person on a video posted on Twitter can boast: "Everyone is fighting.

They spray them. I'm all living this. "

Chris Briant, a deputy for work, told parliament about an assault on Parliament's emergency staff, said: "If we ever need more evidence, that's what we need, we have it. My anxiety is that the prosecution authorities have to impose severe penalties and courts must to surrender them because we have often heard that "a little violence is in the normal course of the service," but it is not. "

It's time to get back to the streets of people

Comment by Chris Briant

Shit, those are they, the idiots who hit, hit and attack the police and members of other emergency services.

Numbskul with the lower between the ears, but the sawdust.

Chris Briant introduced the Emergency Emergency Emergencies Act [Ian Gavan/Getty]

They're stupid enough to think they're big, brave, feline men who run the police.

But in fact they are just cowards who exploit the law to escape behavior, and every reasonable person thinks it is completely unacceptable.

I bet you can find them the longest days sitting in the pub, telling everyone who will listen to how the country went to dogs and how our good slogan of a solid government is good for us now.

I suppose they do not even understand the word hypocrisy.

We must stop this increasing wave of violence – stop spitting in the police, end sexual attacks on ambulance workers, protect patrons.

I hope my new law will make a difference. She introduces a completely new piece of work on a joint assault on an emergency worker.

But changing the law is not enough.

When I recently visited my local mental health unit, they said that often the police refused to take action when a patient attacks a mental health nurse – even if the doctor confirms that the attackers are mentally capable of knowing the difference between the right and the wrong one.

The same is true of prison guards who face terrible attacks on a daily basis.

The police are scary and there are not enough resources.

My new law can only work if we have enough police to implement it, but now we have 20,000 less than in 2010.

These are fewer policemen than at any stage since the 1980s, and without new funds, that number will go further.

What is the alternative?

It's easy to say "why do not the observers give it a hand?"

But I will not judge anyone that I'm not a hero.

The police are trained to defend themselves.

They know how to calm things down and curb violent people.

The last thing they need is to get more people absorbed.

Let's go to the streets of the robbers with a well-respected, well-equipped police.

• Chris Briant introduced the Act on attacks on workers in emergency situations to double prison sentences.

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