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Prince Charles: Three Degrees Singer discovers everything about the disco prince Roial | news

Prince Charles 40 years ago celebrated his 30th place (Image: Doug McKenzie)

When Prince Charles celebrates his 70th birthday, all birthday cards will be a special birthday message. It was filmed by The Three Degrees, a glamorous American soul and a disco trio who at his request at the 30-year-old birthday party performed when he was the most desirable bachelor in the world. Valerie Holidai, 69, down, who celebrated 50 years of existence with the group last year and is her longest member of the unbroken membership, will never forget the splendid November night in 1978.

"It was a special occasion. For the first time I went to the Bakery Palace." I was like "Wow!" Charles told us that he enjoyed our music, we met with many other kings, they were all there. "

Thus he was caught by the crown prince on the throne of the performance he jumped in to join the girls. "He came on stage and danced with us. He was a good driver!" So he was not stuck? "Not!" she laughs.

The group was called Charlie's Angels thanks to their royal fan.

Former singer Sheila Ferguson – who left the band in 1986 – is even romantically affiliated with Charles.

However, speaking about their ITU Loose Women meeting last year, Ferguson said, "He was a female artist, I did not want to be a notch on the bed, I appreciated something more than that."

She also claimed that Charles had sent her letters.

While guests were at Charles and Diana wedding reception in 1981, The Three Degrees did not have contact with Charles for some time, but would have been reluctant to re-participate.

In the meantime, the trio – whose current incarnation, Valerie, Helen Scott, 70, (who returned in 1976, leaving in 1966 for children) and newborn Freddie Pool, 72 (who joined in 2011) – filmed the message Charles .

Stars: Valeri, Helen and Freddie (Image: Impressive PR)

"It's just a greeting that wants a happy birthday," says Valery.

"We hope he will hear it!"

Charles was not the only British fan of Three degrees. They scored 13 of the top 50 hits between 1974 and 1985, including the transition from the list When I will see again the woman in love, the year of decision, my simple heart, take good care of myself and Givin 'Up Givin & # 39; In.

The group was known for their spiritual vocal harmony, as well as for their sophisticated visual image, synchronized choreography and elegant performance in figure dresses.

Three degrees meet Prince Charles after a charity show at the Countri Club in Eastbourne, 1978 (Picture: Daily Mirror / Mirrorpik)

It was quite the opposite of the platform, the brown-colored, feminine image of the early seventies of the last century – and the polar opposite of the contemporary Suzi Kuatro with her saddlebags and leather combinations.

It's a trademark that keeps up to this day.

"Yes, she loves these colors," says Valeri, who is married to an Englishman and has a 26-year-old son.

She added: "We wore hot pants, but they were not your Daisy Dukes, nothing was out, they were short, but they were presented, we had a lot of legs, but you did not have all the boobs, I always thought modesty was important. "

Three levels: Valerie Holidai (Image:

One of their first great hits in 1973 was Dirty Ol 'Man about a young woman who was disturbed by an elderly person.

Did they have #MeToo moments?

Valerie says: "It was just a song, but it really did fit in that time, because we were in our twenties and we were still young and innocent. Our manager was our closure between us and everything we tried to pass" .

There were some cases when they were hit, but they knew how to defend themselves.

"Of course, occasionally you would have a dirty old man. You stood there with your hands around the people for the picture, and his hand would move further, and you would have to correct them and tell them:" Excuse me. " "

Support for young women in the music industry has always been important for The Three Degrees, says Valerie.

"We were trying to set an example to women who want to get into work," she says.

"Whenever we get an opportunity, we will always tell women to be sure that you are legally protected, because it's a job that does not offer you much protection, at every level, you really have to defend yourself."

Prince Charles goes on stage with the American group of vocal souls Three degrees (Image: Doug McKenzie / Hulton Archive / Getti Images)

The group did not even experience racial discrimination, says Valerie. "We were born during the period when there was discrimination, we did not escape everything, but we escaped from someone, our manager was sure that he was very selective in the place where we were running."

In his early career, the grades even had the role of a camel who sang a song at the nightclub in the 1971 French Connection thriller.

"For all three minutes!" says Valeri.

They also visited support for Engelbert Humperdinck.

Today they are still touring internationally – "We still love it," says Valerie – and will be featured next year in the UK on field venues including Vembli, as part of the 40th anniversary of Disco UK's fun with other 1970s acts, such as The Village People and Tramps.

Would you like to see Prince Charles on one of the dates?

"Now, that would be easy." says Valeri.

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