Thursday , October 6 2022

Rainy season is here: Help destroy mosquito breeding chambers


The Ministry of Health and Medical Services calls on Fijians across the country to help prevent the spread of dengue fever by destroying potential mosquito breeding sites and disposing of any standing water sources in and around homes and workplaces.

The public is also invited to help prevent mosquitoes using mosquito repellents, mosquito nets and mosquitoes on windows and doors because mosquitoes often bite in the early hours of the morning and after sunset.

This advisory follows recent studies reporting high levels of mosquitoes (Aedes species) in Suva, Lama and Nausori for October.

The Ministry, through event response teams, intensified dengue-related activities, including household visits and interventions for confirmed dengue fever cases.

The Ministry of Health will continue working with municipal councils and other stakeholders to respond to the increase in the number of mosquitoes, while at the same time urging citizens to act to prevent another haze epidemic during the rainy season.

The shared approach of the Ministry and the public remains vital in the fight against disease prevention, such as dengue.

Source: DEPTFO News

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