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Sadie Mane Contract, Christian Pulisic's Interest and Anfield Re-Development – Answers to Your Questions in Liverpool


Will Klopp return to Fekir next summer?

Liverpool's attitude has always been that this job is absolutely dead in the water and will not return because of knee care and how its ACL is corrected. They felt that there was a higher probable chance of doing it again.

There must be a point where the price would decrease if Liverpool thought it would be worth the risk. I do not know which level would be, but did not sign a new contract. As the contract is reduced to this, the numbers can suddenly be more appealing to Liverpool in terms of risk factors. I honestly do not know the answer to that, but Liverpool has always been restrained that this ship is really and really sailing and will not come back again.

But Klopp is a big fan of Fekir and has not broken yet again this season. With pre-agreed fees and earnings, you are talking about a $ 70 million commitment to a player who could miss the year for the next three or four. If the fees are lowered, it might be worthwhile to have another conversation, but I will not get Fekir on the back of the shirt soon.

Nabil Fekir celebrates after defeating the Champions League match between Manchester City and Lyon
Nabil Fekir celebrates after defeating the Champions League match between Manchester City and Lyon

Is there any truth in these reports about the purchase of Christian Pulisic and financing it by selling Fabinha?

Not. The proposal to be sold in January is bizarre. Liverpool bought it in the long run. Klopp believes in him and will not buy a player for 40 million pounds just to get rid of him after a few months. There was always a rush with him. I do not see how it goes.

Pulisic is interesting, because Klopp loves him. He was the one who promoted him to the first team in Dortmund. He was brilliant against Liverpool in the pre-season. When you watch it, you will see that he is a club player and why he wants it and so admires him so much.

His contract is only until 2020, so it will be said how much Dortmund can claim from him. The claw had an offer for him rejected earlier. There is a greater chance that Liverpool will sign Pulisic from Fekir.

Christian Pulisic runs with a ball during a match between England and the United States at Vembley

What punishment can we expect for Daniel Sturridge?

At this point, it is very difficult to answer this without knowing the full evidence against him. FA announced last week that it was accused of bad behavior. These are two elements. One is betting, either directly or indirectly. The second is the transfer of information, in their policy, it is information that is not in the public domain, which is then used for betting purposes.

We'll know much later on Sunday. Sturridge has until Tuesday night to respond to the FA charges. A large part will be evidential if he pleads guilty. It's not one of those things that you can look at and start "If he does, he will get all the k-quantities or k-ban games." Each case is very different. Joey Barton received a massive ban, 18 months reduced in appeal, but that was over 1,000 betting over a period of 10 years. I do not think we're talking about it. At the other end of the spectrum, players have been fined 25,000 pounds to bet on a game they have not been involved in, but of course, no one can bet on any type of football.

It was pretty clear last week that the decent part of the case against Sturhrid, if not all, relates to bets that came back to West Brom for a loan in January. There was a lot of talk about moving to Inter Milan. There was a supply on the table and they were fond of signing it. Nevcatle entered and talked with them, so the interest of Western Brom really came out of blue. This is the case to a large extent.

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Sturridge FA probe

I think it's very weird in this, I have to say. Do you say that players are not allowed to talk to anyone and live in the cave during the duration of the transfer window? That's crazy.

It is difficult to comment without knowing the evidence that FA received, but this happened in January. It took until November to hit him with charges, so you would think it would not be far if there is not some pretty solid evidence. We have to wait and see how many attitudes have been put and who put them.

It will be interesting to see what is happening with Sturridge, because if it's just a matter of people who are close to him using that information, learning to go to West Brom and betting, it's very difficult to keep the responsible player for it. At this point, it's far too hard to say what will happen to him.

Would Daniel Sturridge get more racing in the team?

Ksherdan Shakiri reacts after Daniel Sturridge misses the open goal

He changed the formation somewhat to find space for Ksherdan Shakiri and saw the best of him. It's limited Sturridge's time for the game and I would say he was not lucky not to play more in the last month. Red Star seemed to have been a great missed opportunity for him, he had missed that chance earlier. When you do not have many opportunities, it was a great opportunity you could not take. It's hard to judge this, although when there was so many players having a bad night.

He was interesting with him, because it was fantastic to return to the plans of Kloppa, but even when he scored goals, Klopp said he thinks that the next challenge for Sturridge was to prove he can play at that intensity for more than 20-30 minutes . Perhaps with all these betting jobs, for which I am sure that Klopp has long been known, you wonder if he played a role in it, perhaps thinking that his mind is not 100%, but I hope to see him stronger in the coming months or two because it is a required period. He has a role to play and is much better than Origi or Solanke.

What can we expect for Nathaniel Klin and could he go in January?

He is a difficult player to put value on because he was only 18 months old. The team evolved and left Kline behind. He does not offer enough promotion, but he would still enter the likely half-team in the Premier League. He is 27 years old and has 18 months to contract. Maybe 8-10 million pounds?

Will it go in January, I'm not sure. If Liverpool is right, Clopp will be nervous enough to stop him too much if anything happens. But Trent Alekander-Arnold is obviously the first choice, Gomez can play there and Fabinho is an option.

I'm struggling to see a way for Klin to Liverpool. When Klopp decided that Trent needed to be let out, he did not turn to him. He did not even make a competition in the Premier League since the beginning of the weekend.

What other expenditures can we expect in January?

It seemed that Markovic finally left at the end of the summer window just to crash at 11 am. He's hanged for so long and out of the flight contract, if you're probably going to go in January if you get a contract. If he leaves in January or summer, he will not be different from the fee Liverpool can get. I do not think he'll get a coin for him.

Divo Origi and Dominic Solanke were goals
Divo Origi and Dominic Solanke were goals

Interesting in January will be the Origins or Solanke that go, because I think it can not afford to lose both. Solanke needs a loan because he did not have a look in this season, but Liverpool made it clear he would entertain bids for Divock Origi. The demand of £ 20 million will probably put a lot of teams in.

The situation is similar to what Liverpool found last year at Mignolet and Karius. They could afford to let someone go, but not both, and then it depends on the offers that come. Solanke's loan is probably more likely, but if someone offers $ 20 million to Origi, their hand will be extinguished and Solanke will tell him to stay up to the summer.

Will there be any January?

I do not think Klopp will do anything. After the Dembele report last week, the answer was not only that there was no intention to launch a bid for it, it did not intend to launch a bid for anyone in January. I do not see it as a particularly exciting window for Liverpool.

You are looking at this team, people could say that they lack an attacker, but I do not think that Klopp sees it that way. Van Dijk was a completely different case because Liverpool nearly had a five-month penalty for running him before they finally got him.

The bench in January does not behave in the market and I think that he sincerely thinks he has enough to sustain the challenge until May. He said that something crazy would have happened to get him into the market and I think he was honest.

What happens to Sadio Mane's contract?

Currently there is not much to play. It has been focused on it for the last four or five months, as Salah and Firmino have made their future in the club. So far it has not happened to Man.

Liverpool's Sadio Mane celebrated after he scored a goal against Cardiff Citia
Liverpool's Sadio Mane celebrated after he scored a goal against Cardiff Citia

I asked him about it in a mixed zone after Arsenal and did what Sadio Mane did, laughed and smiled, and said he was happy where it was and in the hands of his agent. He enjoys his football and wants to do his best for fans.

I understand that Liverpool opened talks with his representatives at the end of last season. They said that we did this for Firmino, they are working for Salah and he wanted to recognize his progress with new terms and a five-year contract to let us know when you want to sit down and do it. For any reason, these negotiations have not yet been successfully concluded.

He was under contract until 2021. It was always for clubs to sit to negotiate when he arrived for the last two years. If we are still in the pre-season next year and not resolved, then it would be a real source of concern.

At this point, it is not necessary for anyone to worry about it. Still, that does not mean anything. How much after his new contract was Coutinho? Suarez too. Even if Sadio Mane signed a contract today, that does not mean that we will see him in Liverpool in the next five years.

What's the latest action on processing Anfield Road?

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They have to read the Liverpool FC stories from the last 24 hours

Nothing new in the last few months. Liverpool made it clear that feasibility studies are underway in terms of the best design and the best way to increase the capacity of the stadium to 60,000+.

I think it will happen. I said they were very focused on building a training ground and this is a project that currently dominates thoughts. After that, we will see Anfield Road. I think that the deadline for a construction permit is September, although this deadline is not as important as it looks in terms of getting a ball because the word Liverpool has ended the construction of something different from what they are getting a building permit. They should go back and get a building permit .

The success of the Main Stand encouraged the FSG's appetite to break through with the second phase of re-development, but we will not see it starting short-term.

Will Clopp be in danger of losing his job if Liverpool does not win a trophy or cause a serious title?

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp went past the trophy after the Champions League final

It's not a cat in a hellish way that it will go anywhere, no matter what happens between now and May. The amount of loan in the bank is enormous. Think about where Liverpool was when he came three years ago to where they are now. They had a successful year last year without winning a trophy because they came to the Champions League final, when no one in their most beautiful dreams did not think it was real.

You want to show something, but it's ridiculous. If he does not win the trophy, what will happen? Where would Liverpool go for Klopp, if the wheels were going to burn?

He is struck by a final defeat, but he also knows that there is a zero danger that his job will be on the line. So far he has done a fantastic job. He transformed every area of ​​the club.

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Recruitment began after some spectacular failures before that. He will be in Liverpool until the end of his contract at least in 2022.

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