Saturday , November 27 2021

Samsung wants 1 million mobile phones made ASAP


Criticize Samsung all you want, but one thing you can not say is that there is no ambition. Whether this ambition can coincide with real ability is another matter but it will not stop the Korean company from dreaming big ones. He just discovered a prototype, even the actual ready-made version, a switchable phone, and now Samsung says it will not only deliver that phone in the first half of 2019, but plans to deliver one million in the first roll.

It was a very bold commitment to two accounts. The first is that Samsung has not yet completed the switching phone, including its name, at this time. Although the excitement of the device was definitely high, some are too impatient to point out that the Samsung prototype may not be close to the actual arrangement. Some even approached to call the prototype a fake, an old device that the company showed a few years ago.

But aside from conspiracy theory, there is a question of production. AMOLED displays are already heavier and, therefore, more expensive, to make it much less foldable. Even with the production capacity, it is expected that the yield will be so good. The projected 1 million units sound quite generous in that light.

And again, this is Samsung anyway, and it's known because it sometimes does not appear in the way it intends. But even if 1 million switchable Galaki Fs or Kss is released in the first half of 2019, this is not something that will likely be quickly sold.

The price for this innovation is still unknown, but the Korean media has been spending months running around 2,000,000 KRVs. It would be about $ 1,770 and definitely far beyond even the iPhone Kss Mak balls. Unless Samsung can prove that what you really are getting is more than just a big smartphone, most of those 1 million phones that can be folded may instead occupy space in the memory.

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