Sunday , May 22 2022

Sophia Floersch has a successful seven-level surgical surgery after a night-time rampage


Screenshot: Il Polemista Misterioso (IouTube)

Formula 3 driver Sophia Floersch flew through the climbing ramp and the photographer's position during a terrible fall on Grand Prix in Macau on Sunday, a street famous for fast, firm and direct passion. She went to spine surgery on Monday, which left seven hours later in a stable condition.

The injuries came from a fall on a street course in Macau, which, like almost all street courses, has little demolition areas for fast cars that are guarded from the race. There were not many recordings of the wreck before the Floersch car was launched into the air, but Autosport reported on Sunday that the series started when Floersch and another driver Sho Tsuboi collapsed each other before the heavy right hand. Floersch, the front streams that descended from their car, went through the air and at a photo stand at an alarming speed, with an accident itself, Tsuboi, two photographers and a racing marshal, according to Autosport.

Many, including collaborators of Jalopnika Stef Schrader, noticed that the tone of the show during the red flag for cleaning was distanced from the severity of the accident. The viewers where this happened, however, captured the wreckage at full speed and warn you that people are seriously injured in this:

Floersch went to a spinal fracture hospital with a post on her Twitter account before an operation saying that it was okay – an overwhelming display showing how rough people are coming out and driving on such tape. announced on Monday that the spine surgery took seven hours, while doctors said her vital signs were stable and that the limbs were active at a press conference afterwards.

He will remain in the hospital for up to two weeks, according to A post on Floersch's Twitter account during the operation, translated from German, says the operation went so slowly due to precautionary measures around the spinal surface.

"The medical team deliberately works slowly to avoid the risks," the diary said, translated. "The previous surgical course is good and without complications. The operation that started this morning continues."

Two of the four other hospitalized people were released, reported: The hospital fired Tsuboi Sunday night, and photographer Hiroiuki Minami was also released. Photographer Chan Weng Wang is expected to stay in the hospital for another 10 days, with a soluble liver, reports, and the race marshal Chan Cha, who had cuts and broken jaw, should be within three to four days.

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