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Spice Girls superfan welcomes the gathering tour


Members of Spice Girls celebrated the gathering of the gathering group this week – more than a long-standing British superphane with the world's largest collection of their monuments.

Alan Smith Alison, 37 years old, left the charity job for a full-time job to show her and several other collection items of Spice Girl.

Before opening her latest exposure in the UK later this month, he said the tour news had left "incredibly excited".

"Everything I do is there with a bell, front row, singing," Allison told AFP in London's St Pancras station, where pop phenomena recorded their first music video for 1996, hit the single "Vannabe".

The best-selling female band – a minus pop star turned into fashion designer Victoria Beckham – presented on Tuesday plans for the next year for a UK tour that will see them play Vemblei Stadium, the largest British city.

Beckham, who first became famous as Posh Spice, has confirmed that she will not join her former gangs.

"You must forgive Victoria if she wants to move on," said Allison, who at some stage is not convinced she was surprised.

"I do not know how easy it would be to move from the elite world where you are dealing with the Vogue magazine and the biggest fashion houses," he added.

Tickets for six concerts have so far been confirmed for sale on Saturday, and the band announces further dates.

– "Be what you want" –

Allison, who lives from an agricultural village in Scotland and now lives in the northwest of London, said he was first linked to a message about empowerment as an insecure teenager.

"It was not the easiest place to grow up as a gay man … and then came these girls who just said …" be the one you want in life, "he explained." It just started. "

Two decades and hundreds of thousands of pounds later, Allison acquired all of Spice Girls's dresses and boots to dolls and even branded mopeds, with the entire collection secured for 500,000.

Among his favorite subjects: all five silver orchestras of the space band who were wearing the band at the first international concert in Istanbul in the mid-nineties.

"It's pretty tremendous," said Allison for bathing, admitting he recently rented a storage space to reduce his "long-standing" partner.

"She took the whole house … I need a little living space!"

In 2016 he began to associate with other collectors to exhibit his products and, after recent exhibitions in Manchester and London, will present his entire offer in Watford, north of the capital, on November 15.

It will display about 300 pieces of pieces, including shoes and 7,000 objects of the monument.

"I do not like being in boxes and hangers," said Allison.

"They are music history so you should be at the show for the people who will see."

Four out of five Spice Girls will take part in the gathering

Four members of the pop group Spice Girls (From L-R) Melanie Brovn, Geri Hallivell, Emma Bunton and Melanie Chisholm will not join "Posh Spice", Victoria Beckham

Although Victoria Beckham did not join the merger of Spice Girls girls, she paid tribute to the legacy of the group and sent them support

Spectacular clothes were characteristic of Spice Girls

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