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Strictly Come Dancing 2018: The latest odds on Danny John-Jules to come out TV and radio | Shovbiz and TV


Danny John-Jules Strictly Come Dancing this week had a pretty tough Sunday.

There were reports that he and his partner for shuffling, Amy Dovden had a mild disagreement earlier in the week after he appeared. Danny tried to master the routine of Samba.

However, they seem to have put their differences aside and now they concentrate on the best of their abilities on the evening show.

He said that they are still one of Betvai's favorites to be voted the next show.

The next likelihood of the British actor to start Strictly Coming Dancing is 5/1.

Earlier he was 11/1, but his disagreement with Ami apparently put a couple in the race to leave the competition.

However, the BBC non-reader, Kate Silverton is the favorite person to come out of the Strictly Come Dancing program tomorrow night.

Quotes for Kate who will vote next are on 7/4, closely followed by former English cricket Graeme Swann and Charles Venn who are both 11/4.

"Danny John-Jules has consistently performed on Strictly this year, but this is not the only ideal preparation for breaking your dance partner, and he's backed up for the trunk," said Alan Alger of Betvai

"We saw a lot of support for the Red Dwarf player in the next elimination market, and now it's 5/1 of 11/1 to be the next to leave this year's show.

"Kate Silverton leads the bet on 7/4, while last week two survivors, Charles Venn, and Graeme Swann, lagged behind 11/4."

Surely this weekend seems to be one of the most difficult calls.

Denny and Amy will simply have to ensure they let the dance talk and get a great score from the judges.

A strict source of production told "Danny and Ami had a hard week trying to perfect their tough Samba.

"They had less disagreements earlier this week, but they quickly returned to the tests of the same day and had a good rehearsal yesterday.

"They're excited to perform together tomorrow night."

Kate, who is the favorite to leave this weekend, has recently revealed the terrible injuries she had spent on rehearsals last week.

"On Friday, about 5 o'clock, Aljaz picked me up for rehearsals, and he had to break me a bit, and I felt it," she said at "Takes Tvo".

"Okay, that's not good! Then, like an hour later, [I was] type of creep along the corridor.

"So, basically, the muscle has left the rib."

Strictly Come Dancing 2018 returns tonight at 7 AM on BBC One.

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