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Tesco destroys 15,000 jobs and closes meat, fish and sausages in a purse of £ 1.5bn & # 39;


Tesco will allocate 15,000 jobs and close the meat, fish and deli counters throughout the country, as part of a cost saving of 1,500 million pounds, according to reports.

Pastries with the supermarket chain will also be checked with the frozen dough instead of the fresh dough, depending on what's used, it means that the work will be cut so that specialized bakeries are removed.

Claims for staff claims will also be replaced by vending machines in a lot of changes that will affect stores in the United Kingdom.

Tesco, the largest grocery store in Great Britain, has 732 stores with a shop that is typical of five fishermen, five butcher's shops and six cheese and cheese workers that nowadays all face their jobs.

Industry sources said closures could cause the loss of up to 15,000 jobs.

A tesco shop
The main changes in the reduction costs will affect most of 732 Tesco stores

It's understood that counters of some Tesco Extra stores will open from Thursday to Sunday through week, but others will be closed or dumped massively.

Until now, chief executive Dave Lewis has achieved more than 10,000 papers since he entered the supermarket in 2014.

A source told The Mail On Sunday: "The attitude of Dave Lewis seems to be" in case of doubt, just the closure, "but for older clients, or with a budget, using the Counters of a few slices of ham. The days that make your purchases.

Tesco intends to achieve cost savings of 1,500 million pounds in 2020.

The supermarket is the latest to make work cuts, joining rivals Asda, Morrisons and Sainsbury in reviewing the structure of their stores.

Lewis has tried to combine budget stores such as Aldi and Lidl to open a new discount brand Jack & # 39; s.

It is hoped that the staff will update about the changes early next week with expected redundancy negotiations for those involved.

A spokesman for Tesco said: "We are always looking at ways to run our business in a simpler and more efficient way. Every time we make changes in our business, colleagues are always the first to know."

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