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The Beckham family, Sir James Dyson and Mike Ashley, of the Sports Directors, were named among the largest taxpayers in the United Kingdom


Stephen Rubin, the owner of JD Sports's billionaire, has been named as the UK's largest taxpayer with an £ 181.6m bill, according to a list compiled by The Sunday Times.

The president of the Pentland Group, which is one of the largest sports clothing companies in the United Kingdom, was accompanied by Sir James Dyson, the Beckham family and Mike Ashley on the opening list that revealed who paid the maximum amount of $ 39 ; taxes from 2017-18.

The summary of the 50 taxpayers is probably a conservative estimate of the total tax paid, due to limited access to personal taxes.

In the United Kingdom, annual tax returns are not published. The tax list was calculated from publicly available documents detailing corporate tax, dividend tax, capital gains tax and income taxes, when available.

Sir James Dyson, who recently announced plans to move the company's headquarters to Singapore, obtained third place with his family for a value of 127.8 million euros of estimated tax liabilities.

It came behind Denise, John and Peter Coates, the owners of bet365, who were named taxpayers with the second highest with a law of 156 million dollars.

Robert Watts, who compiled the list, said: "It is difficult to deny that Panama's documents, Paradise documents and other high profile scandals have given the impression that none of the rich elites of Great Britain contribute a penny into our public finances.

"But our inaugural one Sundays times The tax list shows which of the super-rich are contributing many millions of pounds in the year.

"These are great amounts of money: the size that not only pays for a nurse, but also pays to build the hospital in which they work."

Papers and Paradise documents from Panama were leaks from confidential high profile documents that revealed how public officials, businesspeople, and celebrities had used offshore tax havens or avoid paying taxes.

The list does not include taxes paid to foreigners, which explains some of the absence of the rich daily list of the newspaper.

Sir Jim Ratcliffe, founder and president of the INEOS chemicals company, was named as the richest person in the United Kingdom last year with a net worth of £ 21.05 million, but only appears at number five of the List of taxes.

Mr. Rubin appears at number 49 on the 2018 list for his wealth of £ 2.82bn.

The founder of Easyjet and the owner, Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou (20.7 million euros), the Warburton family, owner of the homonymous copper company (14.5 million pounds), and Ashley, founder of D & Sports Direct (30.4 million pounds). list

Who was named in the 2017 escape of Paradise Papers?

The Beckham family, who said the newspaper paid £ 12.7m in taxes due to its dividends and other charges in the accounts of its two parent companies, were another notable inclusion.

The Beckhams were appointed to register with government companies as linked to the Ingenious financial firm, which invested in films included Avatar In an attempt to insure the fiscal relief.

David Beckham's participation with the company, which has been subject to scrutiny by HMRC, has previously been reported as a reason why the former England player was ignored by a cavalry.

Mr. Watts said: "For a long time, he suspects that the involvement of the England captain in investment schemes under the attack of the impostor suspected the whistle on the knight of Beckham ".

The Beckhams appears at number 49 on the tax list with a £ 12.7m invoice.

"These figures, without a doubt, make the case of the rich more effective than many charitable foundations or other philanthropists that these people do," Mr Watts said.

"The tax list also raises the question of how our country fills the void if Brexit, or a more hostile political environment, encourages superpowers to leave the UK for Monaco, Switzerland or other holes for holes with low taxes ".

Almost 2,000 million pounds in taxes were paid by the 50 people at the top of the tax list.

The top 10 complete s & # 39; includes below:

1. Stephen Rubin and the family, owner of the Pentland Group, owner of Miter, Speedo, Berghaus and SeaVees, and JD Sports's majority shareholder: 181.6 million pounds (paid taxes)

2. Denise, John and Peter Coates – betting company owners bet365: 156 million pounds

3. Sir James Dyson and the family – owner of the Dyson home appliance manufacturer: £ 127.8 million

4. Bruno Schroder and family – banker and member of the non-executive board of the Schroder asset management company: 114.3 million pounds

5. Sir Jim Ratcliffe – Chairman and CEO of the Ineos chemical group: £ 110.5 million

6. The Weston family: owners of retailers Selfridges and Primark and Twinings brand drinks: £ 76 million

7. Sir Chris Hohn – Manager of hedge funds that established the management of the child investment fund: 64 million pounds sterling

8. Sir Peter Wood – Founder of the insurance company: 53.7 million pounds

9. James Benamor – Founder of loan brokers Richmond Group and Friend: 52.2 million pounds

10. Baroness Howard de Walden and the family: real estate investors, mainly in Marylebone, in the center of London: 44.1 million pounds

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