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The billionaire Phones4U John Caudwell: why do not I leave my children all my money


The cell phone tycoon John Caudwell has revealed plans to deliver the vast majority of its great wealth.

The businessman, who made a fortune by selling Phones4u, has pledged to give 70% of its wealth to good causes, at least £ 1 trillion.

Caudwell, who is already one of the great British philanthropists, announced the commitment, based on a 50% previous commitment, during our exclusive interview.

The other 30% of his current fortune of 1,500 million euros will be divided among his five children, Rebekah, 39, Libby, 31, Rufus, 23, Scarlett, 17 and Jacobi, 15.

He says: "I do not want my children to break, but if you let your children have all their wealth, that does nothing to rebalance the division of the rich.

"If they are worth billions, what about giving most of them and leaving only a few hundreds of millions to children? They are still rich, they can still ruin their lives.

"I do not think leaving them rich with your children is good for them.

"And if it is good for them, it probably is not useful for their children, so that late or late, chickens return home for their position."

The sporty lifestyle is the norm for John and Modesta

The bold movement arose when the 66-year-old businessman, who is now a tycoon of property, turned the fire on rich and multinational individuals who avoided taxes.

The tycoon says he has paid more than 300 million pounds sterling in UK income taxes in the last 10 years.

Caudwell divides his time between Britain, where he owns Jacobean Broughton Hall of 50 rooms and 12 million pounds sterling in Staffordshire and luxurious houses in Mayfair in London and Monaco, where his glamorous girlfriend Modesta Vzesniauskaite, former Lithuanian cycling champion, is based .

His wealth package also includes a fleet of cars, a flying helicopter and a meter of 73 meters above Titania.

"I could easily be in Monaco with my girlfriend and I did not pay any taxes," he says.

Asked what their rich friends think they do not say, "They think I'm a cup. I've had arguments about that."

Then, "I had to work to where I came from, but Britain was fine, people from Great Britain have been well.

"Why do I have to feel that I can rob them of all this money?"

John with his son Rufus, who will inherit much of his fortune

We speak with the magnate to the opulent surrounding a Mayfair village house. For all its grandeur, his pair of moccasin slippers feels at the bottom of the stairs near a bicycle that he uses to cycle every day and up to meetings.

However, the tycoon is camping here, while his bigger house, which once belonged to a young member of the royal family in Brunei, is being reformed at a stone's throw.

The cost of the colossal review was estimated at some 250 million pounds sterling.

The 44,000-square-meter finished house includes a Thai-themed dining room, in honor of Mr. Caudwell's favorite cuisine, which includes a flowing river full of fish.

A large basement will include a new pool and a lift for vehicles, where up to six vehicles can be stored.

The extravagant house is far from the humble roots of Mr. Caudwell, who grew up in Stoke-on-Trent.

Caudwell with his former Claire Johnson, who were victims of a raid on his home

Her mother worked in the post office of Royal Doulton and her father, who suffered stroke when John was 14 years old and died four years later, worked for an engineering company.

She still sees her mother regularly, sometimes twice a week, often taking one of her pastor's homemade cakes.

Caudwell worked once in a tire factory and sold used cars, but jumped to the mobile telephony revolution during the eighties, and operated as Midland mobile phones, later renamed Phones4u.

He grew up to reach a chain of nearly 600 stores and sold 26 phones every minute when he sold the business for £ 1.5 billion in 2006.

But while earning a fortune, more than 3,500 workers lost their jobs after Phones4u collapsed in 2014, when mobile networks abandoned the chain.

Caudwell married his wife Kate for 25 years, but they divorced in 2001.

He then had a long-term relationship with the former Claire Johnson model.

Now much of his time is dedicated to charity work through Caudwell Children, which helps young people with disabilities.

He also launched 10 million pounds sterling at the Caudwell International Children's Center, in Staffordshire, an installation dedicated to support for autism.

The billionaire is accustomed to doing it in a helicopter

The tycoon is encouraging other people with a lot of money to leave a large part of their wealth to charity.

"Rich people should think very seriously about giving the majority," he says. "Just leave a few hundred million to children."

One of Caudwell's friends in Munich is embarrassed by the tycoon Philip Green.

He is good to talk about the baron of Topshop, but says: "It depends on him to make his life the way he wants, but it is not my way."

It is also critical of large companies that use smart accounting to reduce company tax bills. "I find it unpleasant," he says, adding that the authorities should consider criminalizing the practice.

The other major problem that Mr Caudwell is in charge of is Brexit, who has been a fervent supporter of the United Kingdom who left the EU.

He says he is desperate from the current political chaos, he is critical of the process management of Theresa May and claims that Britain would be better off with a tough Brexit. It is clear that there are no EU fan, he says: "Why do we want to be reduced by a group of losers?"

But what about the fact that the EU is the main commercial festival in the United Kingdom?

Caudwell enjoys great life with Modesta Vzesniauskaite

"There are 20 times more people in the rest of the world than there is in Europe," is his answer. Or does the potentially devastating impact on certain sectors of the economy save us?

Caudwell responds: "If you learn something in business and in life, now you take the pain, you are in charge of the pain and you will see it stronger than ever – and we would do it".

However, there is no doubt that taking some "pain" is much easier if you are a billionaire than an ordinary worker who loses work due to Brexit.

"I do not know the answers to some of the problems," he acknowledges, but adds: "I know we will find solutions, we will continue."

One of the aspects of Mr Caudwell's life that he has not been able to pass is a chronic illness that has ruined the life of his son Rufus for the last twelve years.

Since being an energetic boy and leaving, with 11 years he deteriorated to the devastating speed after being demolished with a mysterious illness that left him mentally traumatized, needing a 24-hour supervision and a long house for years , due to extreme anxiety.

In a moment, the condition was so bad that Rufus did not leave the house for two and a half years.

John with Graham Hiscott of the Mirror

Finally, he was diagnosed with Lyme neurological disease.

But the real breakthrough occurred when the doctors later identified the main reason for their trauma, a condition little known called Pans / Pandas.

Talking about the disease for the first time, Mr. Caudwell said: "The person feels as if they were attacked by a knife and he feels the same anxiety they would feel if they were being attacked by someone."

However, the disease can be treated with antibiotics if diagnosed in the early stages.

Studies in the US suggest that one in every 200 children may have this condition.

He has inspired Mr. Caudwell to become a mission.

"It is my job to try to make sure Britain had heard of Pans / Pandas next year," he says.

With its ambitious aceration, who will doubt it?

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