Tuesday , March 2 2021

The California doctor struggles to save his job after prescribing a child, four, cannabis cookies. | US News

A doctor in California has launched an offer to save his license after being rejected to prescribe cannabis cookies to a child of four years.

Dr. William Eidelman, a physician in natural medicine, suggested that the child be given small doses of marijuana to help control warts after having been diagnosed erroneously with bipolar disorder and a deficit disorder of # 39; attention (ADD).

The California Medical Board (MBC) revoked its medical license earlier this month, but it has resorted to the decision.

Cannabis is legal for medicinal purposes in California and, according to the Los Angeles Times, doctor Eidelman has prescribed the drug since 1997.

The boy shouted the boy's attention in 2012, as he had been poorly bought at the school.

His father also had bipolar disorder as a child, and ADHD, and said marijuana use later in life had helped calm him down and change behavior positively.

He later obtained the medication for his eldest son, who had the same learning difficulties, and said he had a "positive effect."

Dr. Eidelman suggested that it could be equally beneficial for his younger son and said that "he should try cannabis in small amounts in cookies."

Drug snack ended up being exposed when the nurse at his school was asked to give the baby their cannabis cookies at noon.

MBC found Dr. Eidelman "negligent" to diagnose the child without consulting a psychiatrist, his teachers or asking his father about his mood and dreams.

The sentence, which took into account that the doctor had been previously sanctioned to prescribe the drug to secret investigators in the year 2000 and 2001, said that "only the birrums do not support the diagnosis."

The decision to revoke its license was ultimately based on the diagnosis and not on the prescription.

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