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The real division is wealth not Brexit, says Jeremy Corbyn


Jeremy Corbyn

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Jeremy Corbyn said he did not stop and leave supporters to each other

The true breach of society is between rich and poor and not Brexit, Labor leader Jeremy Corbyn told party members at the Labor Conference in Wales.

There are calls to his party for another referendum on whether the United Kingdom should leave the EU.

At the Llandudno conference, Mr. Corbyn said his party is trying to end Brexit's deadlock.

Meanwhile, Welsh Labor leader Mark Drakeford said Brexit should not be used to "shorten" Wales.

He also announced 2.3 million pounds sterling to offer healthcare products to all students in schools and colleges.

Westminster's Labor Front participates in the Brexit talks with the Theresa May government.

"Only the Work has been constantly trying to find the way to the end," said Mr. Corbyn.

"Work does not believe that the true division of society is among people who voted to stay or leave the European Union.

"We believe that the real division is among the many – who do the work, create wealth and pay their taxes – and the few – who set the rules, collect the benefits and avoid their taxes."

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The worker does not want to "establish the hard-working family of Cardiff who voted to stay, against the hard family at Wrexham who voted to leave," he said.

The politician argued that "people who believe they leave or stay in the EU as purposes in themselves are" wrong. "

"The first question is what kind of society we want to be," he said. "In this we can find so many common points."

Mr Corbyn said that the weeks before the policy had been "intense" and that the Westminster political system had not gone well.

He said it was "scandalous" that the offer of talks about Brexit came so late from the prime minister.

His party will continue to speak with the government, the leader said, to meet the outcome of the referendum without "destroying our economy."

But if that is not possible, all the options should remain on the table, including public voting, Mr Corbyn said to the applause of the delegates.

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Mark Drakeford said that Alun Cairns could be "in the fight" for Brexit

In the speech of his lecture, Mr. Drakeford told delegates that Theresa May was the "first prime minister of history that fell for his own sword – and then to lose".

The Welsh Labor leader accused the conservative party of being "wrapped up and trapped by a mythical nostalgia of a past just remembered for its increasingly low affiliation."

He said that "Breit's chaos" is considered an opportunity for Mr. Cairns to "grow his own office."

"So let me give this very clear warning to the Wales Secretary of State," said Mr Drakeford.

"If he continues to use the so-called Shared Prosperity Fund of the United Kingdom as a means to approve the National Assembly, as a way of using Brexit to change the people of Wales, he goes to a fight, "He said.

The FM said that EU funds should be replaced and the transferred powers remain: "Not a penny, nor a loss of power."

And he said that he had a "simple message" to voters and members of the Labor Party in the European elections, and said they should be taken seriously as general elections.

"You will be told that these elections make no sense: it's not worth the trouble to campaign or even bother to vote," he said.

"Please, I do not think so."

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The new deputy, Ruth Jones, who won the election last week, gave the welcome speech at the conference and told the delegates that, during the transfer, "our task is to defend the people of Gal Them ".

"People have had enough after a decade of austerity," he said, calling it "political choice, not financial."

The secretary of Shadow Welsh, Christina Rees, appealed "for the calm in a country divided due to the inexplicable way that the prime minister has handled to the Brexit negotiations."

He said that language in emails and social networks had become "intimidating", and reported the worst cases to the police.

"It has changed from" I am writing to tell you that I am not in agreement with you "to" You are a traitor, leaving the people who voted for you, "he said.

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