Thursday , July 7 2022

TV series "Star Vars" with Diego Luna as his Rogue One character in works


Disnei announced the development on Thursday the second TV series "Star Vars" live, which is focused on the demise of Diego Moon Rogue One character Cassian Andor.

The company says the drama is in work for Disnei's new streaming service and follows the adventures of the rebellious spy during formative years of rebellion. Of course, the drama takes place before the event Rogue One: The Story of Star Wars.

Moon, which will be next in Netflik Narcos: Mexico, signed to represent the role of Andorra.

"The return to the Star Wars universe is very special to me," Luna said in a statement. "I have so much recollection of the great work we've done together and the connections I've made all the way. There's a fantastic adventure ahead, and this new exciting format will give us a chance to deep explore this character."

The series is described as "an exciting spy thriller [that] will explore stories filled with espionage and bold missions to restore hope in the galaxy in the hands of a merciless empire. "

Release date has not yet been published.

Additionally, the Cassian Andor series Mandarin, director Jon Favreau, series "Space Wars" series, which is also the current series that also comes to streaming service.

Mandalorian he recently started production with a story focused on a Mandalorian warrior "after the story of Jango and Bobo Fetta." His events will be set "after the fall of the Empire before the appearance of the first order" and "far from the authority of the New Republic" in the "external borders of the galaxy."

Also Thursday, Disnei's director, Bob Iger, announced the name for his streaming service, which will be … [drumroll] … "Disney +". The service is running sometime next year.

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