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What is the Committee in 1922? How could Jacob Rees-Mogg and the other backbenchers bring down Theresa Mai


Lead Brequiteer Jacob Rees-Mogg decided to file a mistrust letter in Theresa in May due to her draft Brekite agreement.

The senior conservative defense attorney, chairman of the European Research Group, asked the prime minister to submit a reason why he should not do so, given the unfulfilled promises he said that the draft agreement was contained.

On Thursday, he said: "How does my smart, respected friend say, and what my real friend does not match anymore, do I write to a full friend for a member for Altrincham and Sale West?"

The query referred to Graham Brady, chairman of the Tori committee in 1922.

Although uncomfortable for the prime minister, but under the fire over Brekit, following the resignation of Dominic Raab, Esther McVei and others, she also puts her business in jeopardy.

The 1922 Committee, currently chaired by Mr. Brady, has the authority to initiate a vote of no confidence in a party leader in the event that he receives such letters from 15 per cent of the deputies (meaning 48).

However, in order to prevent disgruntled members who are afraid of their boss in the poster and jeep style, the process is blind, and the chairman of the committee must have known for sure how many letters were submitted at one time.

Even if the group would receive 48 letters, the prime minister could still survive a vote of no confidence and look at the threat of challenging leadership challenges. If she did, she would be rewarded with the annual immunity from the process.

But if she lost, she would be obliged to step down and allow a choice of substitution, once again igniting Westminster into chaos. Dovning Street said that the lady would be able to fight against any trust.

Под г. Brady, a letter of confidence is held in the dossier for an indefinite time when it is filed, unless the author requests the withdrawal. Previously, they should make their objection annually.

In 1922, meeting in the parliamentary chamber of parliamentarians in the oak, at 17h every Wednesday afternoon, it was named after the historic Carlton meeting between Tory rebels Stanley Baldwin and Bonar Lava on October 19, 1922, in which men were successfully robbing withdrawing a party from his coalition with the Liberals of David Lloyd George.

Initially, a private eating club, "men in gray clothes", has since enjoyed its reputation for organized disagreement.

They have considerable power. It is expected that the prime minister will present at least one quarter to his constituent members and whenever a significant political event occurs.

All six of the oldest members of the executive – Mr. Brady, Cheril Gillan, Charles Valker, Bob Blackman, Nigel Evans and Geoffrey Clifton-Brovn – voted for Brekit.

That sextet, which gathers an hour before the meeting on Sunday, is unlikely to support Theresa if they disagree with her plans to leave Europe from Britain and can become dangerous enemies if a vote on confidence should be initiated by a 48-letter landing on Mr. Brady's table.

The Independent kicked off # FinalSai campaign to require voters to vote in the final Brekit deal.

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