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Which side do you need to wear the poppies and how much do you donate?


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A week of memories is now only a few days and many people all over the UK now wear poppies.

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They are sold by the Royal British Legion, and donations are used to support members of the Armed Forces, covering different areas of the community.

People carry them to mark the people who died in the war and showed support to all who served in the armed forces.

If you are wondering how much you need to donate and which side will wear your poppy, then all you need to know is.

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Which side do you need to wear?

You can carry your mac wherever you want!

Although most people are on the left side of their clothes, this is not the correct way to do it, as there is no wrong way.

Some said that it should be left because it is close to the heart, and others suggest that women carry on the right, because you wear it carrying a brooch, but none of these things are needed.

The Royal British Legion simply says you should wear the proud bears, no matter where you put it.

How much do you need to donate to the poppy?

You are encouraged to donate as much as you want to support the Legion, but the general instruction is to donate at least £ 1 for the traditional poppy.

For a silk poppy, you must donate at least 3 pounds and 2,50 pounds for a wooden rationing ritual.

The British Legion has provided its own guide to the proposed donations.

How much to donate to the poppy

Traditional poppy sword with a stalk or a glass version – 1.00 pounds

Round mall sticker – 1.00 pounds

Silky poppy with a leaf and a stem – 3.00 pounds

Wooden cross with poppy, also called Small Companion – 2.50 pounds

A wooden feline crescent for placement in the ground – £ 2.50

A wooden star with a poppy set for the ground – 2.50 pounds

Woody Sikh Khanda with a poppy – 2.50 pounds

A secular wooden pole with a poppy seal – 2.50 pounds

The instruction provided by the British Legion.

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