Thursday , December 9 2021

Would you like to take pets abroad next year? Read this first


The veterinarian reminds owners of pets who have less than a month to work if they intend to travel to the European Union (EU) with their furry friend at the end of March.

Kevin Vood, a clinical director at Cherridovn Vets, in Basildon, is calling on pet owners to arrange for a trip abroad if UK leaves the EU without an agreement.

Currently, dogs, cats and ferments can travel anywhere in the EU as long as they have a pet passport, which considers owners to take their animals to an official veterinarian (OV) three weeks before the trip is microchipped and vaccinated against rabies.

However, last month, the government issued a document to prepare a possible No Deal Brekit, in which it advised pet owners who want to go abroad after March 30 to take their animals to the OV at least four months before the trip – meaning the end The November deadline is approaching fast.

Kevin said: "The shift to organizing microchips, vaccinations and pet passports has always been relatively short, but the government has now warned that, without an agreement with the EU, pet owners may have to visit their OV as early as next month for the April trip to foreign countries.

"A pet should have a vaccine against rabies, followed by a blood test at least 30 days after the date of vaccination to show that the pet has become immune. Once this is completed, the pet would have to wait at least three months from the date of the test blood before they travel.

"This process lasts at least four months. The owners should then visit the veterinarian to get a health certificate, which can not be done more than 10 days before the trip.

"It is certainly worth organizing before any planned trips abroad with pets early next year and from time to week to November, I would recommend that your animals be reserved to see OV as soon as possible in order to avoid unnecessary or unforeseen delays."

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