Friday , October 7 2022

76ers defeated Jazz 113-107 while Utah scored a lot of mistakes


Philadelphia • Donovan Mitchell entered Friday night and sought a statement against the Rookie of the Year, Ben Simmons.

He certainly did this, leading Jazz in the achieved result with 31, although he needed an extraordinary number of shots (35 looks, including 11 from the 3-point range).

Thanks to the fourth quarter with high progress, Jazz had the opportunity to win at the last minute. However, the Jazz defensive defeat and poor shooting at free throw cost Utah and allowed Sikers to convert a bound game to a 113-107 win in Philadelphia.

The fans in Philadelphia came to the competition: Not only was this the first time Mitchell played against the 76th and Ben Simmons of the Rookie of the Iear race, he was already the new buyer for the debut of Jimmy Butler. The game began with Alain Ayerson bell tower of Liberty Bell in a court in the center to greet Butler and was not alone with the message. Sikers fans repeatedly sang Batler's name during the evening, but Butler answered good evening, scored 28 points and finished with 19 seconds.

This simple setting came from an extraordinary game with just 20 seconds of play and five seconds per hour. Joe Ingles and Rudi Gobert did not communicate on the show, leaving Butler an easy way to go. It was the last unusual mental error from Jazz in a row of them who finally cost them a match.

"We have to be smarter. Many mistakes are increasing," said jazz coach Kuin Snider. "We had some ideas that we just have to think about and we can not have any breakdowns, especially against teams that are as good as they are."

If Jazz had any leadership at all, it was a little upset, given how bad they played in the first quarter. Jazz soon reached a deficit of 16 points, while Sikers made 12 of their first 13 shootings and were referred to the free-throw line abandoned. It seemed that the trouble of losing Wednesday to Dallas Mavericks was stuck with Jazz.

But Jazz began to defend himself defensively as the game progressed. Derrick Favors got into Gobert after the other got a mistake and returned the return that halved the deficit at just two. Improvements in defense and end-to-end circuits gave Joel Embie a chance, and Thabo Sefolosha made his first major contribution to the season, guarding Ben Simmons when Jess returned.

After the bound third quarter, Snyder went to his star in the fourth. Mitchell scored 13 points by hitting five of his first six shots in the quarter, drawing ooh and ahs mixed with boos and sweeps as he sat down with the Philly crowd.

And while mental errors cost the Jazz game later, the box result tells a different story: They could have the game sealed, if not for all missed shots. Jazz re-recorded only 18 percent at a distance of 3 points, although this represents a progression from the loss of a 50-point debut – when Jazz recorded 17 percent deep – it was still low enough to prevent Jazz from running in this. Mitchell was the biggest problem that made only one of his 11 attempts at three points.

"I took 35 shots, this can not happen, it's Zero Assist. It's not what I'm doing, it's not like I'm playing," Mitchell said. "I have to be aggressive, but I have to look even smarter."

Mitchell topped the other teammate of Simmons who scored 10 points, adding eight assists and eight rebounds in victory.

Fans and the players themselves will also point to the percentage of free throw as the main reason for the loss. Jazz made only 56 percent of its free throws in 37 attempts. Players such as Mitchell and Rubio, usually solid free throwers, could not find a basket this night, shooting only 8 of 16 in combination with the tape. Favori and Gobert failed to save them by shooting at free throws.

In the end, deducted from this loss depends on what you asked from Jazz. For some, it was missed an opportunity to earn a very needed win, the type of losses that this season defined in 15 games. For others, the upgrade positives outweigh the negative ones.

"We played hard, we made it, we made several mistakes by the end, but we played passionately." "Frankly, they're a great team, but we had a game in the bag, except for a few mistakes," Mitchell said. "I think the match has just fled."

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