Sunday , April 11 2021

A 12-year-old middle-aged student dies due to influenza-related illnesses

A student from the Stacy school in Milford died of a flu-related illness, according to Michael Walsh, chairman of the Milford Board of Selection.

Aaron Zenus, a seventh grade student at Stacy Middle School, was treated for flu at the Milford Regional Medical Center when he died Wednesday night, said Walsh.

"It's a sad situation," Walsh he told Milford Daily News. "Doctors and nurses did everything possible."

Superintendent Kevin McIntyre notified the city and the school officials of the death of Zenus on Thursday morning.

"Unfortunately, I have a sad news of sharing with you," McIntyre wrote in an e-mail to the school and city officials. "Aaron Zenus, a 7th grade student at Stacy Middle School died (Wednesday) at night. Our thoughts go out to the family."

Counselors and the resources of the Milford public school were available at the school on Thursday and will be available again Friday for any student struggling with the news of Zenus' death.

This is the first pediatric death related to flu in Massachusetts this season.


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