USA TODAYS The sports record at the football college fell into place for a week that remained in the regular season. After a long, but somewhat predictable regular season, the order surpassed three unbeaten teams and beat the team with one loss from the Pover Five league.

Unlike last year's ranking, there was a major change at the very top: West Virginia lost five places to number 12 after losing a loss in the state of Oklahoma.

However, it does not require Top 25 to stay the same in the last weeks of the regular season. This upcoming week contains several competitors for failure, which are no higher than meeting number 4 Michigan and number 9 Ohio State.

There is also the Apple Cup between a number of Washington and Washington. 14. A convincing victory would make wonders for Cougars's reputation in the College selection committee. West Virginia will look to retire from the 7th Oklahoma.

Two more key games come from a group of five. On Friday, Central Florida no. 6 Looks like he's going to continue his winning series with the match against South Florida. And at Mountain West, number 10 Utah State travels to No. 15 Boise State in one of the best weekend games.

New to top 25: Br. 20 Northvestern, no. 23 Troy, no. 24 Pittsburgh.

From top 25: Br. 27 Buffalo, no. 29 Alabama-Birmingham, no. 35 Boston College.