Saturday , April 17 2021

Almost half of Americans have heart disease or blood vessels, there is a new report

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For Shamard Charles, M.D.

A surprising new report finds that nearly half of all Americans (121 million adults) have some form of heart disease, a significant increase in the last three years. Although this alarming number, published Thursday by the American Heart Association, is mainly due to changes in blood pressure guidelines: it is a warning about our increasingly sedentary lives, say the doctors of the heart.

In 2017, hypertension, an important risk factor for heart disease, was redefined by the Heart Association as an arterial pressure of 130/80, reducing it to 140/90. This change meant that millions of Americans between 20 and 60 years of age were considered as a heart disease.

"As one of the most common and dangerous risk factors for heart disease and stroke, this overwhelming presence of high blood pressure can not be ruled out of the equation in our fight against cardiovascular diseases, "said Dr. Ivor J. Benjamin, volunteer president of the American Heart Association and director of the Cardiovascular Center of the Medical College of Wisconsin in Milwaukee, in a statement.

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