Thursday , February 25 2021

Apple is approaching and approaching the spelling of its television strategy

An awful way to figure out what Apple is planning is to ask an Apple executive about the Apple plans in public, before Apple is prepared to make an official Apple release.

People are still trying anyway. Today, he was the analyst Shannon Cross of Cross Research, who asked CEO Apple, Tim Cook, about Apple TV plans.

Spoiler: he did not tell him what Apple plans to do.

But! It's worth mentioning what Cook he did it for example, because his words, along with what we know about Apple shares so far, do They give you a good idea of ​​Apple TV plans.

Let's go to the tape, courtesy of FactSet:

Shannon Cross: Tim, can you talk a little about the video? You have signed a wide variety of offers. There was an announcement on the television application directly to Samsung, so maybe when it comes out, you will be a multiplatform. I'm just curious about seeing the video, and I suppose, if I suppose you can only take advantage of the costs you've already made, you should go beyond what you would think.

Kitchen: Shannon, we see major changes in customer behavior that occur now and we believe that it will accelerate as it passes the year, as a kind of breakdown of the cable package that has been spoken For years, and I think it will probably take place at a much faster rate this year.

And so we are going to participate in a wide variety of ways. One of them is through Apple TV and is familiar with this product. The second way is AirPlay 2, as we have just said, we have support in a series of different third-party televisions and we are excited about it. It makes the experience in the living room with the people who use our products even better. We think people really like it.

Another way is, of course, all the third-party video subscriptions that are in the store. We are participating today, and I assume that this will accelerate to the future as the package breaks down and people will begin to probably buy several services instead of their current cable package.

And finally, original content. We will participate in the world of original content. We have signed a multi-year alliance with Oprah. But today, I am not willing to extend this conversation beyond this point. We have hired great people who have great confidence and are working hard and we will have something to say more about this later.

Do you have all that? At first glance, this is read as the standard wheel of Apple wheel instead of an ad. I cook has He said this before: Apple has been arguing for years that the conventional television industry was in decline and that consumers would get tired of paying for the packages of channels sold by traditional pay television distributors such as Comcast and Charter.

But here's a shorter version of the important things:

Again. Apple has already said this before this, aloud or has not protested when people have informed.

But put everything in one place, accelerate it and what you get is: "We are going to sell a package of programs and movies from other people, and add their own, and make sure that you you can see anywhere you want. "

What we do not know yet: When Apple will launch all this (but it should be this spring), how much will they charge for this and if it will be a product of its own or that it will be part of a much larger subscription service (maybe it will come with Apple Music! # 39; Apple News or something else! Etc.

Apple has been doing this much for a long time, partly, presumably, because it tells investors that it has a new revenue-generating service on the sleeve and that services are now the key to the history of e- # 39; Apple Wall Street. But I have not seen or heard from Cook that it is close to that. We approach

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