Saturday , October 16 2021

Back 4 Blood Devs “Discuss” How to make Solo mode more rewarding

Turtle Rock Studios, the developer of Back 4 Blood, has acknowledged the community’s frustration at the game’s lack of progression in solo mode and is looking for ways to make it more rewarding.

According to Eurogamer, the developer thanked Twitter fans for their comments on solo mode before explaining that he is looking at different ways to address community concerns.

“We’ve known your frustrations about progression in solo mode and we’re discussing ways to address the issue,” Turtle Rock Studios said. “Thank you for your patience and feedback right now: we’ll have more news as we make strategies on possible ways to make this a reality.”

Complaints about Back 4 Blood’s solo mode were exemplified in a thread on the game’s Reddit page. Those who were not satisfied with the mode expressed their reactions to a message that appears on the screen when choosing to play the solo campaign of Back 4 Blood. The message, which can be seen in the following post, reads:

“Use the solo decks created in the Fort Hope deck menu. Maps and objectives will be adjusted. Player wear and invitation is disabled. Gathering supply points are disabled. Statistics tracking is The progress of the achievements is disabled. “

In Back 4 Blood, a player’s character can be adapted to different game styles. This element of the game uses a card-based system that allows you to adjust your character’s basic stats and skills during each act of the game. Between races, players can buy more cards to add to the deck using Supply Points (a game coin that rewards players for completing in-game missions).

However, in solo mode, players cannot earn supply points and instead use solo decks. This means that throughout the solo campaign, players begin to access all the cards in the game and can build a deck without having to spend supply points.

Since players don’t need supply points for the solo campaign, it may be a reasonable assumption to suggest that they shouldn’t earn any either. However, many fans feel that this is not the case and that disabling supply points completely distorts the basic progression element of the Back 4 Blood game.

“I was really looking forward to being able to play this solo,” Reddit user xslimz said. “But the lack of progression really kills her. I think it can be weird to unlock things from MPs who play SP with bots, but at least they could reduce them to 25% of the rewards or something.”

“I understand they want you to play multiplayer, as it’s a team-based game,” another user added in a standalone post. “But there are no rewards or successes? It’s really disappointing that you’re forced to play with others if you want to progress.”

For the community, part of this frustration is based on the belief that the decision to disable supply points in the solo campaign has not been made in the best interest of the game’s basic fan base, but rather those who could take advantage of the game’s solo campaign by earning points they could spend on other game modes. “I wouldn’t want anyone to throw the SP for supply points now we would,” one user said on the thread, while another added, “People will cheat one way or another. Doing this makes that more people get angry. “

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