Friday , May 20 2022

Chipotle is again considering a manager who refused to serve black customers for "fear and fear"


Chipotle's restaurant chain announced on Saturday that it had abolished one of its managers to suggest in a viral video that five black buyers are planning to order food without payment – but on Sunday the company admitted that it was considering re-hiring managers, as its suspicions were could be founded.

In a series of video clips on Twitter more than 3 million times, the chipotle client in St. Paulu, Minn., Identified as 21-year-old Masood Ali, and several managers say to manager: "You have to pay because you never had money when you entered here." One employee added: "We will not make food if you guys actually have money. "

As Allie and his friends complain of "stereotypes", the videos that were recorded and shipped by Ali show shoppers, claiming that the group had previously ordered food on two occasions without payment.

In one video, the manager smiles and tries to ignore men while producing what appears to be cash, as proof that they can pay for food. One of the employees visible in the kitchen is black.

"She sounded really racist – the way she said she was racist," Ali told Friday's Minnesota Star Tribune magazine. "She was looking for proof of income as if I had a loan." But on Twitter, But Chipotle asked, "Can a group of young African American American volunteers eat after a long training session?"

But he also published a phone number and restaurant address in social networks. Within a few hours and under criticism, Chipotle issued a statement stating that the manager had acted out of bias and announced her termination. But on Sunday, Chipotle rejected his decision.

"Our actions are based on facts we know right after the incident, including videos, social media posts and conversations with a client, manager and employees," Fox News chief Laurie Schalov, the chief communicator of Chipotle, told. "We now have additional information that needs to be further investigated. We want to do the right thing, so after further investigations, we will re-train and re-employ if these facts are justified."

"After further investigations, we will again train and recruit if these facts are justified."

– Chipotle Chief Communications Officer Laurie Schalov

In a previous statement on Saturday, the company said: "We are committed to respecting and respecting all our customers. … Regarding what happened at St. Paul's restaurant, the manager thought that these gentlemen were the same customers since Tuesday night, they could not pay their meal. No matter, this is not the way we treat our customers, and as a result, the manager is interrupted and the restaurant is being trained again to ensure that something like this does not happen again. "

In a separate post on Twitter, another representative of Chipotle, who was identified as Shak, wrote on Saturday: "We are committed to every treatment equally and with respect."

In subsequent interviews, representatives of Chipotle acknowledged that the manager might have been right when he claimed that the individuals in the group had ordered food only a few days earlier without payment.

"We are not able to confirm this with 100 percent security," said Laurie Schalov, chief communications officer at Chipotle, for The Tvin Cities Pioneer Press. "We asked Masood whether he was in our restaurant on Tuesday and said no."

And it almost immediately appeared that Ali clearly spoke of "suffering and gluttony" – food ordering and non-payment practices – several times on Twitter in the past.

"Yes, I think the chopotle is caught in our family, whether we need to change locations and how we will work on another tango," he read a post on the Ali's account from 2016.

In 2015, he wrote that "we are goblet of Applebees and we eat as much as we can and bend the beautiful lady 20 cents and walk f-out".

When another Twitter user complained, he replied that "we only borrow food for several hours," opposite the dining room and pushing.

Later that year, he thought that "Dine and dash was always interesting" and talked about the stolen Tabasco torch from Chipotle.

Another post says: "The guys we are feeding on food … that's it. If the lady tries to stop you at the door, do not hesitate to leave it."

"We're finishing goto Applebees and we eat as much as we can and bend a beautiful lady 20 cents and walk f-out."

– Masud Ali

As the information emerged, Chipotle initially told other offices that the manager had properly completed it, since he always kept politics to make food and keep it if the customers did not pay.

But he did not respond to Fox's request for comment.

This episode follows several other generous incidents of alleged racism that have troubled the service industry. In May, Starbucks closed 8,000 of its anti-bias training stores after two blacks were arrested for unauthorized downloads at one of the Philadelphia stores. The store manager, who stopped working in Starbucks immediately after the episode, called the police because the men remained in the store without order and refused to order something on the query.

Earlier this year, the fired manager Chipotle, who was charged with stealing $ 626, ended up winning nearly $ 8 million from a company in the wrong ending department.

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