Friday , August 12 2022

Delta Reducing Seat Reclining A320s


Delta is making an interesting change in its Airbus A320 fleet, which is good or bad, depending on how it looks.

Delta reduces seat rest to A320

According to Skift, Delta will significantly reduce seat recline in the 62 Airbus A320 aircraft, most of which tend to operate short flights:

  • In economics, Delta will reduce the recline from four inches to two inches
  • In the first class, Delta will reduce the rest from five inches to three inches and a half

The first plane with a low reclined flight from this weekend and the project should be completed in the next two months. Delta calls it a test, so there is also the possibility that it can be extended to other planes.

A320 of Delta of first class

Why Delta is reducing the rest

Delta is not doing this to add more seats to the planes. In reality, their A320s are already dense, with 157 seats.

On the contrary, Delta does it because they think it will increase passenger comfort. For a long time, Delta has tried to earn a revenue premium to be the airline of the business traveler and the airline has invested in high speed and wifi TVs in all seats throughout much of the your fleet

The problem is that when you have an economic product with 30 "of tone, it is really difficult to even open a laptop if the person in front is reclined. By reducing the potential to lean, Delta thinks it will create a better experience for passengers.

As the director of Delta's integrated products and products experience, he describes:

"It's not about adding any place in the cabin or finding a way to reduce the tone of the seats. It's about ensuring an optimum experience."

My acceptance of reclined seat

Seating reclining is a controversial topic and many people are not in agreement about whether the recline is a right or a privilege.

Personally I think that reclining a seat is correct (this is why the control is in your place), but you still have to be kind, which means you have to slowly recline and even turn around and make eye contact with the person behind.

Lower line

Personally, I do not use resting on domestic flights during the day, so I'm in favor of this change. My priority is always having my laptop open, and even in the first class of Delta it can be difficult to do so when the person in the front is fully reclining.

So I am in favor if this change in the part of Delta, although it also recognizes that the others value much more than I do. Without a doubt, I would not appreciate this change of a small one.

What does Delta's decision to reduce the rest of the seats on some airplanes?

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