Tuesday , May 17 2022

Des Moines registers on Steve King: "The Iowa National Shame Continues"


Hours before they won the ninth term in the Congress, the repressed Republican reporter Ivea Steve King banned the nation's largest list, the Des Moines Register, to cover his election evening event, invoking this article as "left-wing propaganda media."

Associated Press states that the king eventually defeated the new Democrat J.D. Scholten, despite his condemnation of his party for supporting white supremacist groups and leaders.

After that, editors from the registry published the title: "The National Shame of Love continues, so far, when Steve King wins."

Written by Columnist Rexha Bas:

It is disappointing with many both inside and outside of his district environment that this long-standing shame Iowa did not end on Tuesday. We are tired of our serious, tearful rhetoric against other people. It is unusual to condemn the illegal immigrants when the agriculture in his district depends on their work and the cities are revitalized by their presence.

The editorial board of the registry supported Scholten, writing: "This one is not suitable for any Iovan who felt himself an eight-hour-long royal obsession, a cultural provocateur … We support [Scholten] not only as an antidote to royal virulent xenophobia, but as a new promising leader. "

King is under increasing control because of his inflammatory rhetoric of race and immigration, as well as critics who say that he is the embrace of white nationalism. He was favored to get a re-election, although his recent actions – including his approval of the white nationalist candidate for mayor of Toronto and his meeting with members of the extreme right-wing Austrian party with historical Nazi ties – earned him omissions from the League for the Fight Against Defamation, the President of the National Republican Congress Committee (NRCC) and others.

On Monday, the king raised his eyebrows when he declared at the campaign he hoped that Supreme Court judges Elena Kagan and Sonia Sotomaior would "go to Cuba".

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