Saturday , April 17 2021

Dirk Nowitzki of Mavericks says that Kristaps Porzingis can be a franchise player

DETROIT – Dirk Nowitzki said yesterday night that he thinks Dallas Mavericks could have added a type of franchise player to his list at Kristaps Porzingis and created a combination of young stars who could have fun watching "a long and long time". "

Porzingis leads a seven-player trade between the Mavericks and the New York Knicks that quickly materialized in the afternoon on Thursday. Tim MacMahon of ESPN reported that the main office of Mavericks was sure that he could convince Porzingis, who will be a restricted free agent this summer, to sign a long-term agreement with the # 39; equipment Nowitzki and his European compatriot, Luka Doncic, said they intended to play a role at the time of making their team manager feel at home and persuading him to adhere to it, I went to Dallas.

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"We would not have done the deal if we thought we were going to walk obviously," said Nowitzki. "… With great enthusiasm, he will like what he sees and will get healthy and it will be good for us. Let's go there."

Porzingis and Nowitzki joined a trip to South Africa in the summer of 2017 to play the NBA Africa Game. Doncic, the 19 year old boyfriend with an average of 20.4 points per game this season, said that he has met Porzingis for several years and that "is hopeful" that they will form a lasting duo in Dallas.

Doncic said he briefly spoke to Porzingis Thursday after trade was announced, but said he would keep the conversation private. Dallas coach Rick Carlisle commented on a pregame radio show that he thought 7-foot-3 Porzingis and 6-foot Doncic ball player had the opportunity to form a newer and tallest version of the Nowitzki-Steve Nash combination that played together in Dallas Two decades ago.

"He is such a surprising player, so that could be a good thing," Doncic said. "It's great, it can shoot, it can be recovered, it can do many things. I think it can be one of the best players in this league."

Nowitzki, 40, said he did not think that Portageis would need a lot of mentoring when he arrived in Dallas. He called his new teammate "a perfect fit for the new NBA."

"If you have the possibility to add a franchise player like Porzingis, you just have to go", said Nowitzki. "… He is sufficiently mobile to play 4. It can be a differential 5. You can move, block shots, publish … Before doing so, he played a great game. He has the excellent work ethic · Slow. It's a good guy. "

As part of the trade, New York will also send Trey Burke, Courtney Lee and Tim Hardaway Jr. to Dallas. Adding Hardaway adds another rare distinction to Nowitzki's veteran resume. According to ESPN Stats & Information, Nowitzki becomes the fourth player to have been teammates with a father and a son who played in the NBA. Nowitzki played with Tim Hardaway. in Dallas during the 2001-02 season.

"It's a bit sad," said Nowitzki Thursday night.

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